Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sex is like air. It's not important until you aren't getting any.

This is a re-post of a very old post that I drafted a couple days after I posted it.  I'm not sure why I drafted it so here it is again.

Are you ready to juice things up a little?  Are you an ‘aeroplane blonde’? Are you a fan of the ‘sixty-niner’? If these and other terms have mystified you, here’s a quick guide to the funny world of sexual slang.....

Booty call - a late night summons, often made via telephone, to arrange clandestine sexual liaisons on an ad hoc basis.

AC/DC - bisexual.

Dogging - having or observing exhibitionist sex in a public place, usually outdoors.

Sixty Niner - simultaneous oral sex with your partner, so called as the digits.  69 are a graphic representation of this configuration.

Around the world - the act of kissing your partner’s entire body as a prelude to nooky.

Back door - another term for butt, bum or backside; going in the ‘back door’ aka bottom sex.

Bagging it - wearing a condom during intercourse, as opposed to ...

Barebacking - unprotected sex.

Finger - to stimulate a woman’s genitals using the fingers.

Wet dream - an erotic dream that leads to ejaculation during sleep.

Necking - Making out involving heavy kissing of the neck or petting of that area.

Muff diving - giving a woman oral sex.

Load - semen or ejaculate (as in, to shoot one’s load).  The Money Shot.

Blue balls - an uncomfortable experience for a man who desperately needs to experience an orgasm but finds no relief.

Blow job/giving head - the act of giving a man fellatio or oral sex.

Hand job - stimulating a partner manually to orgasm.  Two bob for a hand job?

Shag - to have sexual intercourse.

Family jewels - his testicles.

Golden shower - urinating on a partner as part of sex play.

Jail bait - a sex partner who is under the age of 18.

S/M or S and M - sadism and masochism. Getting sexual pleasure from consensual sex
power play that involves either inflicting pain on a person or experiencing pain oneself.

Rimming - stimulating the anus externally with a tongue.

Swinging - arranging to have sex with other couples, either one-on-one or group sex.

Frottage - When two people rub their bodies together for sexual pleasure; also known as dry humping.

Aeroplane blonde - a woman with bleached blonde hair but who still has a wee ‘black box’ down under.


Akelamalu said...

I must be more experienced than I thought as I knew all those! LOL

Matty said...

It's true what they say. You learn something new every day. I refuse to say which ones.

Max Evel said...

Nothing better than a good education.

Blasé said...

To me, "Around the World" is during intercourse while I'm working my pelvis in an 'around the world' type of motion. But, that's just me.

G-Man said...

Around the world in 80 days is about a marathon rim job?

Copyboy said...

This beats the $#@$% out of my "word a day" calendar.

DCHY said...

A friend once said to me, "I always make sure that the drapes match the carpet". I was confused until she explained what she meant by that. That's a term for you to use. ;)

Gucci Mama said...

I didn't know most of these, and I must say I'm very glad to know what an "airplane blonde" is. Brilliant!

Dazee Dreamer said...

apparently my computer got a little bit turned on by this post, because it "froze" up when I went to comment.

I too shouldn't read this blog while at work. :)

Mike Smith said...

I knew someone who had a schoolbag fetish - he was bisatchel...

jacksofbuxton said...

DCHY said...

A friend once said to me, "I always make sure that the drapes match the carpet". I was confused until she explained what she meant by that. That's a term for you to use. ;)

Make sure collar and cuffs match is the one used here in Blighty.

SB said...

wow i need to keep this page bookmarked lol didnt know some of those, interesting

The Invisible Seductress said...

I always learn here...I love learning... ;}

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

OK, so you go from shoes to sex, without tripping. Nice. Knew most of the actions, didn't know they all had names. One that might, or might not fit here "Doing it for your country" - that's when you shag a girl so ugly you have to cover her face with a country flag!

Kerina said...

Hi! I find your blog fun & fascinating and have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! For more details, check out my blog :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, some of these terms I had never heard of before.

Claire Hennessy said...

The only one I didn't know was Aeroplane blonde. Ha ha funny.

Alice X said...

You should do a Scots Lass Sexy Slang 'dick-tionary'.

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

LOL.....some of these were new to me!


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