Friday, 27 July 2012

Fuck Me SideWays. It's Friday again.

Happy Friday everyone. 

Whoooooooooooo-frikken-hoooooooooo lets party like its 1999.  Actually, just give me a weekend off so that I can go and see my mum.  I miss her so, so much and need to give her a big FAT cuddle very soon.  It's been seven months since I saw her last. 

I filed my annual tax return tonight and it calculates that I'm going to get a few thousand rands back so that means I can fly down to Durban, hire a car and go spend a weeend with my mummy.

Solve this mystery:

Isidore Fink was shot dead at 10:30pm on March 9 1929, in the back room of te Fifthy Avenue Laundry (which he owned) at 4 East 132nd Street in New York City.  The police were alerted by a neighbour, Mrs Locklan Smith, who had heard screaming and the sounds of a struggle.  When the officers arrived, they found that the doors to the room in which Fink lay were locked, and so they gained entry by lifting a small boy into the room through a transom window.

Fink had been shot twice in the chest ad once through the left hand, which showed powder burns.  No gun was found in the room.  There was money in Fink's pocket and in the cash register.

At first police theorised that whoever shot Fink, who always bolted the laundry doors when he worked at night, had climbed through the transom window.  But the window was small, as was the boy was was hoisted through it; and the quesiton of why an escaping murderr should climb through a small window instead of leaving by the door seemed unanswerable.  A second theory was that Fink had been shot from the hallway through the transom, but the powder burns on Fink's body showed that he had een shot from close range.  More than two years after the crime, New York Police Commission Edward P. Mulrooney called murder an "insoluble mystery"  (Charles Fort, The Complete Books of Charles Font, p.916;  The New York Times, March 10, 1929)
How would you explain that one?

Moving along to prettier things..

I stumbled across this dead brilliant Shoegasm website called Studio JellyFish that has the brawest selection of funky heels. They also do cute handbags and custom made wedding shoes.  Go hae a keek.

Comic Heels

Hmmmmm Chocolate Heels

Chihuahua Heels

Poker Heels

Ducky Heels

Remember to go Caption My Photo Competition.  Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Cheerio the noo, lovely Plonkers.


middle child said...

Love love love the shoes!!!!!
And I can explain the mystery. The answer is.....7.
What? That's always my answer! I um,...well it might not be...oh I...never mind.

Not So Simply Single said... detective here. Tell me you know the answer!
I love shoegasm day! The card ones would be my choice for Las Vegas.

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Awesome gif! So fun!!!
I'm no detective Conan so I can't resolve that! ヅ

You may want to visit our blog & we'd love it more if we follow each other. ヅ

Jeremy Bates said...

First, my fiance loves shoes, but I cannot imagine her ever wearing these types. They're certainly different.

With regard to the murder, my theory is that the murderer was a midget.

Thanks for signing up for the Dog Days of Summer Blog Fest. I look forward to your spin on it.


YeamieWaffles said...

I don't think that I can explain the riddle of the guy's death unless a small boy killed him or else he somehow killed himself and then disposed of the gun. It's kind of creepy and freaky to think of though because maybe what murdered him wasn't human... I don't usually believe in that kind of thing but you never know.

I love the shoes and I love the fact it's Friday and you're seeing your mum after seven whole months this weekend, have a kick ass time Lass. If I was a lady all I'd ever wear would be the poker and comic book heels!

Mark said...

It's killing me that I can't figure this out. Damn you!
My only thought is that after he was shot, he shoved the shooter out of his room and bolted the door again. Shortly thereafter, he died.
That's all I got!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those are some odd shoes.
Glad you'll get to see your mother!

Crack You Whip said...

Have fun! I'm not good at solving things, just causing them...

Mich said...

Oooo nice shoes!!! They remind me a bit of Irregular Choice.

My Inner Chick said...

OMGggggggggg, The Chocolate heels can kill two birds in one, babe.

My sweet & my sexy.

Have fun with Mommy! Xxx

AimeeKay said...

It was 1929...Maybe there was a secret hiding hole in the place somewhere and they waited until the police had left? Or a hidden entrance to the basement a lot of the basements were connected back then...Maybe more than one person or a woman? (a small woman could possibly have fit out the same area as a boy.)

as for the shoes...LOVE THEM!!!!
Especially the ducky shoes...been surrounded by rubber duckies lately soooo I really like those and the playing card ones!

You must check out this site:

I met the owner a few days ago...she is super awesome and even agreed to let me do a giveaway on my blog for a gift certificate for the site.

(Kept thinking of your awesome shoegasms when I was at her booth and even told her about how her shoes reminded me of the shoes I'd seen on your site!!!)

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Initial shot - in the hand, whilst trying to resist. Then locked himself into the back room. Killer went up and shot him through the transom window. Motive was not robbery - more than likely he refused to part with 'protection" money.

Personalized shoes said...

Every girl should have a pair of gorgeous shoes, as they will take you to the people who love you!


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