Friday, 7 January 2011

Flash Fiction Friday 55

is over
the tinsel
and baubles
packed away.
Fluffy red hats and 
wellington boots never
suited the southern hemisphere
anyway. The stores all have their 50%
sales - getting rid of Christmas stock so soon?
Nothing Lasts Forever. Isn’t it sad and heart-breaking
that its all over so quickly?

Head on over to G-Man and sign up for Flash Fiction Friday. 
 Its easy, you try to write a complete story in 55 words.


cat said...

Brilliant stuff Gilz!

Not So Simply Single said...

Wowie, you are one smart lass ! clever this little christmas tree poetry!

I am gonna go and look at GMAN and check it out!

Thank you!


Not So Simply Single said...

One more comment, Ernest Hemingway was once prodded to compose a complete story in six words. His answer, personally felt to be his best prose ever, was "For sale: baby shoes, never used." Some people say it was to settle a bar bet. Others say it was a personal challenge directed at other famous authors.

Thought you might like to know that. Here is one website:

FYI: Yes, I am blonde but more than just a pretty face....ha ha!


anthonynorth said...

The right words on Xmas - and visually pleasing.

Akelamalu said...

The scary thing is that 'next year' will be here before we know it!

Great stuff Scots Lass. x

Mine's up.

Major.Mack said...

thank god its over.. ;)

Katherine said...

What a clever 55 ... loved it Gillian! Loved how your words formed the shape of a Christmas tree! :)

gautami tripathy said...

Love that Christmas tree formed by your words!

Here is mine:
curtain of pebbled path

Monkey Man said...

Most excellent. I know how hard it is to get words to fit a format like that....Bravo Lass.

G-Man said...

Jillie Bean....
I'm over IT!!!!
The post Christmas slow down..Ahhhh
Excellent 55 My Friend.
You Rock The Dark Continent!
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Suciô Sanchez said...

Beautifully done!

dustus said...

One outstanding 55 both literally and visually.

joanny said...


Clever, witty, artistic and very poetic on several levels. Nicely crafted 55 enjoyed the visual and the read.


Anonymous said...


I love my life! ;)


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