Friday, 1 June 2012

Featured Friday Follower

We haven't been following each other for very long, but from what I've gotten to know over the last few weeks, is that Mark is an awesome stay-at-home dad of three wee boys and is a writer.  Here is his interview with A Daft Scots Lass - I gave him a space on my blog and he calls me irreverent, cheeky bugger!


Go visit his wee bloggy and say hi.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?

That I’ve travelled so much and seen much of the world (I’ve moved fifty-five times in twenty-three years :)What got you started in blogging?

Sept. 11, 2011 – I wanted to do something to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11.
What’s one of your favorite things about where you live and what you do?

Live close to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and love the history and culture of this island of Oahu.
If you could be something different from what you do, what would it be?

IF I’d known non-citizens could join, I would have signed up to be a U.S. Marine (in 1996 when I first came to America on my Green Card.)
What’s different about you?

I’m quite quirky and have absolutely no problems showing myself up, even though I’m in my mid-forties and should be more reserved
Your favorite place in the world?

Wherever my wife and three boys are.
If you had one day to live what would you do?

Watch the sunrise in one part of Oahu, have fun playing in the island and then head to Sunset Beach to well, watch the sunset.
What are you reading right now?

I’m always reading three books… right now it’s:

by Jessica Therrien

Pujols – More Than a Game – by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth

First Daughter – by Eric Van Lustbader

What’s on your iPod?

I don’t use one – I’m addicted to and when I find a great song, I pull the video on YouTube, so I make my own lists.
Three random things about you.

Though I have moved more than most, I’m not in the Witness Protection program.

While I have no problems with selling eBooks, I will never own an e-reader – ever.

When I was eighteen, my dad (who comes from Holland) said it was OK for me to move to Amsterdam – and the rest is history
If you had to write a book or make a movie about you and your life – what would it be called and who would you choose to play you?

"Seriously, Dude?" It would be hilarious to see Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller play me.
Dinner with three people dead or alive. Who and why?

Author Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Gone, Baby, Gone – he’s my favorite author (love how his mind ticks.)

Author and Talk Radio Host Dennis Prager – his wisdom and outlook on life is amazing.

U.S. Army Maj. Dick Winters (deceased) (Maj. Winters was the original C.O. of Easy Company – made famous by the HBO series,
Band of Brothers.)
In anyone’s shoes for a day and why.

Winston Churchill – how did he make the decisions that saved England from Hitler’s Germany??
Who’s your hero?

Anyone wearing the uniform of the United States Armed Forces.
What could you NOT live without?

Apart from my family – books.
What is your dream job?

What would you do if you were a person of the opposite sex for a day?

Stay in bed (Seriously though, I would walk around town, and put myself in as many situations as possible so I could understand women better…)
If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would change?

I’d shoot back to the 1600’s and turn the Irish and English into "Simply Christians."

As Simply Christians there would be no splintering off into "Nearly Christians" or "Sometime Believers."

This would spare both nations hundreds of years of fighting and killings and "The Troubles" would never have happened.
What is the one achievement that makes you the most proud?

That I’m a husband to my wife and a dad to three healthy, smart boys.
What’s your favourite color? And why

Sky blue…. Love the freedom it offers.
What makes you happy?

My boys giggling at something silly I’ve done (Holds up sign: WILL WORK FOR GIGGLES.

And here's a bunch of shoes for today's Friday Shoegasm.

I just have one thing to say.  Why doesn't Topshop want to come to South Africa?  Oh how I wish to get my grubby wee hands on some of those items, especially the shoes. 


Mark Koopmans said...

Aloha Gilz,

Cheers very much... you are a hoot and I really appreciate your inviting me to join the ranks of the Featured Followers :)

YeamieWaffles said...

55 times in 23 years is an amazing statistic, that's definitely an interesting fact. You seem like a great guy Mark, it was a pleasure to learn about you in this post.

Elise Fallson said...

Awesome interview! And 55 times! Wow. I love giggles from the kids too, always puts a smile on my face. :D

Another thing I love..SHOES. YES to your Friday shoegasm Daft Scots Lass! My only problem is finding shoes that fit. I have a small foot, (size 5 US, 35 FR) and a lot of stores don't carry mini-feet size. ): I guess it's better for my bank account.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I saw Mark's post this morning!
We're supposed to be more reserved? Says who?

Not So Simply Single said...

Cool dude.

Cool shoes.

Coolest blogger ever. (you)

Leslie Pugh said...

awesome interview! It's great to see another side of bloggers that we don't always get from regular posts.

Empty Nest Insider said...

Great interview! It was fun getting to know Mark better! Julie

Carrie Butler said...

Great answers! It's always fun to read interviews like this. :) New follower!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Mark it was an honour to have you post here.

@Matthew isn't it just?!

@Elise I have the same problem. I'm a SA 4

@Lisa you're sooooo sweet thank you!

@Leslie @Julie @Carrie thanx!


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