Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day

My Weekend in pictures.

Happy Father's Day to my Boerewors who is an awesome dad and hubby.  We went out to Cafédomancy for Breakfast.

My Boerewors enjoying his hot chocolate

A Daft Scots Lass with her cuppa tea

Kaylin enjoying her toast

Megan having pancakes

Kaylin's Father's Day gift she made at school

Coolest Dad Evar!!!

Tea Time
My Boerewors with the gift that the girls got for him. 
Yesterday, I invited a few friends over for a Potjiekos but little did they know, I was going to put them to work. 

I was painting my red home-made Telephone Box for my Heros and Villains 40th birthday party and I got the rest of the crowd involved by packing sweeties, cutting out 'bang', 'pow' and 'boom' labels for the sweeties.  I got them cutting out superhero buntings and other wee jobs.  I was so grateful for the help.  I was actually gonna spend most of the weekend doing it but now I have Sunday free.  Great pals I have.

Mandy and Percy cutting out the bunting amongst drinking wine and such...

Norman getting creative
 Then we got silly with the fish-eye effect on my camera.

My, my what beeg eye you have

My, my what big nose you have..


My, my DSL what big blue eye you have

My Daft Girls showing off their ballroom-inspired dance moves.

and Kaylin wears a DRESS?! for the occassion
 Another surprise this weekend was Kaylin lost another tooth.  Tooth #2.  I was asking her how wobbly her tooth was so I asked her if I could feel.  As I was wobbling her tooth she jerked away from me and all I heard was "crack".  Her tooth was hanging by a thread so she pulled her tooth out by herself.  The Tooth Fairy was summonded that night and she got a small fortune of cash for a very beautiful tooth.

Kaylin fish-eye

A Daft Scots Lass and her wee lass


My, my Megan, what big teeth you have...


Brian Miller said...

haha some fun pics...i hope all the dads in your life have a great fathers day!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Does that hat make your husband a two-headed drinker?
Looks like fun!

Dr Max Tunguska said...

Can't beat a fish eye lens or a speaking after a few breaths from a helium balloon.

Not So Simply Single said...

So damn wonderful your life...

Does your husband know he is a lucky dude?


Oh, and darling little ones.

Great life you have babe!



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