Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Daft Scots Mum has leaky eyes

Yesterday, a girl-child and a boy-child made A Daft Scots Mum’s heart soar.

We have a regular Tuesday lunch-time appointment with my youngest, Kaylin’s new Occupational Therapist, and have been going to her for 2 months.  Most of you know, KK has many special needs including ADHD, OCD, ODD and heaps of Sensory issues.  One of the many things we struggle with, is that she hates large crowds, loud noises and doesn’t like to be touched by people she doesn’t know (including her OT).

It takes a while for KK to trust anyone and, with the help of this amazing woman, yesterday we had a colossal break-through. 

KK actually got into to the OTs over-sized material swing for the first time, after 8 weeks of coaxing.  She let the OT swing her for nearly 30 minutes.  Now that might now seem a lot to anyone else but for us it is massive   

Not only did she swing for what seemed like an eternity for me, but she giggled from the pit of her stomach at FULL volume.  I’d actually NEVER seen Kaylin that happy.  It was such a naturally joyful laugh and she kept saying “I’m soooo happy!”. 

My cheeks were sore from smiling (just watching her) and, by the end of the session, I had to excuse myself from the room to go and dry my leaky eyes (I think I may have had some dust in my eye). I couldn’t have been happier watching my wee lassie burst with happiness and delight. She was on a high for the rest of the day.

When I went to fetch her from school that afternoon, she was still in a fabulous mood and one of her little friends kept trying to get my attention while I was listening to KK tell me about her day.  He finally got my attention and beamed a massive smile at me and declared:

Wee Boy :  “Kaylin’s Mum, I love your hair – its gorgeous”.

My heart could’ve exploded.  This sweet wee boy spontaneously gave me such an awesome compliment just because he felt the urge to.  What person would NOT have been touched by such honey-covered words?

All-in-All a good day.

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Melanie said...

That just warmed my heart!! <3

JanM ♥ said...

Congrats on the breakthrough and that lil boy is sweet :)

I have a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

cat said...

Oh gosh, I know how HUGE this must be for you! Well done and may she progress in leaps and bounds.

I truly adore our OT - my hero

grins said...

It was Sam's last day with his old therapist. I hope he does as well as Kaitlin does with a new one. Never had an ODD prob with Sam. He might not have survived.
I like your red hair too Kaylin,s mom.

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

awesome - awesome - awesome!!!!

YeamieWaffles said...

It's so amazing to hear of the joy that you got from your wee girl and that boy as well Lass, I'm so pleased that Kaylin had such a good session with the OT, long may they continue.

ib said...

I was not fully aware of your little ones troubles but it is good to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I too, have OCD, and know how demoralizing it can be. I will keep your little lady in my prayers.

Nolens Volens said...

It was worth the wait. I've worked with people who have sensory issues before and I know the feeling. :)

Renae said...

My goodness - Thankyou! Your post about your challenged daughter was so monumental! That's so wonderful! Parenting is simply the best, huh? Now, seriously --- you want me to Guest Post? How do I do that? via email? I would loved to do that for you. I know right this second I will right about 'gratitude', if that's alright? Did you have a subject in mind? Wow! I am so honored. big HUG!!!

Jay Paoloni said...

That was not an all-in-all good day, that was an awesomely great day!
I'll go vote for you right now.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Gillian, that is so sweet. A compliment from a child means everything.
- Maurice Mitchell
The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
@thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

The Glebe Blog said...

I must be an old softie, you had me blubbin'
Banged a vote in for you

W.C.Camp said...

A completely wonderful post! I am so happy for you and your daughter ... but 'NEWSFLASH' - everyone thinks you have great hair even if we don't always say it! W.C.C.

bill lisleman said...

Progress takes longer than we want but witnessing your child reach a goal is heartwarming. All the best and I'm sure she will build on this.
compliment - one of the kids across the street gave me one the other day. She said I was "space crazy" and since I do enjoy space and science, it's a compliment to me.

Lovely Light said...

That sounds like a wonderful time! I really do understand what a big accomplishment that was for your daughter and family. Yay!

Cape iCandy said...

Absolutely heart warming. Forming images in my mind from your description of the events I too started getting some "dust in my eyes" lol.

And that kid is right, you do have gorgeous hair!


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