Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hey Plonkers, I've had such a hectic week organising the finer details for my birthday party thats happening this weekend.  It's gonna be fuckin LEGEN....wait for it.....DARY!  

So many things to to finalise.

I've been stressing trying to locate my parcel that my friend, Xmas Dolly sent from the states (you're a star).  It was sent over a month ago with my costume for the party and a few other bibs and bobs, and it's been sitting at South African customs since the 4th of June. 

Luckily, my BIL (Brother In Law) works at the airport and went to see if he could locate it for me.  Guess what?  He found it!  What a hero! After four days on the phone with the SAPO (useless MuthaFuckers - and I will say that on record).  You have no idea how many bloody phone calls I've made, how many minutes I've been on hold, how many times I've been cut off and shunted around.  I know the hold message off by fucking heart!  I must've spoken to at least a dozen people and not one ARSEHOLE could help me!!! 

Anyhoo, my parcel only arrived in my grubby paws today!  My Boerewors went to collect it from my BIL and bring it to work.  Three days before the party. 

So, turns out, that I had to run around sourcing other costume alternatives because, after all that, my outfit didn't fit.  How pissed off and disappointed was I?  Lets not even go there. 

I was pretty fucking bummed after I'd spent a damn fortune on it and another small fortune on postage and literally four days with the telephone glued to my now-cauliflower ear trying to locate the damn fucking parcel.

Poison Ivy was NOT meant to be.

Switch to Plan B

Amongst all that, I have one of my colleages off sick and in hospital with pneumonia.  It has put a lot of pressure on me. We have had two deadlines to make this week;   our Johannesburg publication and our Vaal publication.   Each publication has been pretty challenging to fill, and having to deal with all my colleague's clients in her absence, finalising orders, artwork and payments hasn't left any time for anything else.

So, bottom line, I'm sorry I haven't blogged anything of significance this week.  Nothing worth shite actually....


I'm really super stoked to letting my hair down at my 40th birthday bash on Saturday night.  Having 50 of my friends and family to hang out with and dance the night away with.  Yeeeeeehawwww!

I have taken Friday off to prepare the venue with all the decor and decorations.  Lots to organise!  Fog machine, laser lights, jukebox, finish making centrepieces, assemble telephone booth, back drops, table cloths, overlays, food, make the punch, collect the cake, fetch the balloons and glue masks to the balloons, dye hair, have make up done, help with the kids costumes and face paint, the list seems endless.

So, another cop-out post today, I'm afraid.  At least these will make you laugh.

They certainly cheered me up today.

and my personal favourite....


cat said...

I know your party will be legend. Enjoy

Not So Simply Single said...

I love that red tee shirt....

guess my age and win a fat lip.

Freaking hilarious!

jenette said...

Must be getting old - what does BIL stand for? f*kers stole my laptop and camera - house breakin. SO SO SO SO SO bummed, and police are so far as such USELESS. So I can relate. Have a ROCKIN party!

The Glebe Blog said...

Happy Summer Solstice Gillian. Am I right in thinking you don't get as much of the long days as we get here in summer.
Mind you if that's the case, you also wont get the really short dreich days we get in the winter (and after today, it's downhill again)

Hope you get fixed up with a nice fitting costume for your bash, will it be wicked ?

Love the T Shirt sayings.
I saw one last week that said, "Nae Google fer me, the wife kens it a' "

Have a


Top of the Pops

Straps and

and have a fortylicious fecking fabulous fling

Nolens Volens said...

I recognize the "legen...dary" from "How I Met Your Mother"...that was a great one. Sorry about your outfit not fitting you. :(

Brian Miller said...

smiles....sounds like someone is in for a fun time this weekend! smiles.

My Inner Chick said...


Does it have something to do with "Bitch?" Xx

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Lass! Keep working the birthday! There's another coupla parties in it, at least! Indigo x

A Daft Scots Lass said...

BIL = Brother In Law


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