Saturday, 21 May 2011

Few of us can stand Prosperity. Another person's, I mean.

I got this idea from Copyboy who is always doing and saying fucking mental things on his Blog. 

Recently he said he'd eat and digest someone else's scab for $128.96.  

Now, with the current exchange rate, that's roughly ZAR900.  He's fucking insane!!

So tell me, what would you do on film for R1000 or roughly $150?  

Would you:

a. eat someone else's scab?
b. chug someone else's first morning pee?
c. sleep with your best friend's mother?
d. drink an entire bottle of hot sauce?
e. pick yer nose and eat it in public?
f. eat a vomit omlette?
g. chew someone else's old gum that's been stuck underneath a bench for a few weeks/months.
h.  chain smoke for 24 hours straight
i.  drink a bottle of mustard.
j.  drop your last bus money into a dirty public toilet and fish it out.
k. dip yourself in honey and go lie outside on the grass for an hour for all the bugs to feast on you.
l.  leave a skid-marked pair of knickers in the bathroom sink at work but make sure they have your name on them!

How far would you go, or how far have you gone for R1000?

Oh remember according to the news - the world ends today so all I can say is So Long, Farewell.   It was real!


Lesley said...

I gagged reading that. Jesus.

Mr. Smith said...

I would SOOO sleep with my best friends Mother - Circa - 1988.. Mr. Smith

Mark Eames said...

I'd rather be poor!! Although sometimes I work and somebody pays me - almost as terrible as things you listed!!

tigey said...

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Mike Smith said...

Drink a bottle of mustard? You would have to be keen...

Mummy said...

It is an odd amount - had the blogger gone to a restaurant or petrol station and forgotten his credit card? What a pickle. Don't hope I ever get into such dire straits as to have to consider any of the options on your list :-)

Angel said...

Ooer *urk*... I'd rather stay poor. Seriously.


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