Friday, 27 May 2011

Caption My Freaky Photo #6 Winner Vlog....

Congratulations to Aaron M. Gipson over at Leaving The Nest : An Expats Survival Guide who has just become a daddy of wee twin lassies and is the Winner of Caption My Freaky Photo #6.

Guidebook on how to identify hallucinogenic cacti: $30.00

Road trip to the desert with family: $150.00

Coming back from your "walk" to see them all as judgmental pastries baking under the Nevada sun: Priceless

Turn it up loud!!! I'm Talking about Zepplin!


Brian Miller said...

haha...great caption...and yes jammin out to some zep! havbe a great weekend!

Ryan said...

Congrats to Aaron, hey do you mind....who you calling a plonker? You should stick to real scotch whisky if you don't want a hangover.

Mo said...

Congrats to Aaron. (ps knew you'd love those shoes I posted. Thought of you when I saw them)Expensive shop in New Bond St.

G-Man said...

Since I missed the post....

Jillie Bean..Fuck You!!!


Mad Mind said...

I hate finding out the ending first. How dare they tell you who American Idol!

Geoffrey said...

what a great caption. Very deserving of the prize

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Ryan You're fucking right! I NEVER drink whiskey!

@Mo Tell me how much! tell me! so I can cry and shoot myself

@G-Man Thanx for fucking stopping by to insult me again, dude!

@MMM It fucking broke my heart, Mcubed.

@Geofrey are you new around here?


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