Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I'm A Guest Blogger and Fabulously Flawed

I am pleased as all shite to be Guest Post over at Lesley’s Fabulously Flawed today. 

Lesley is pretty and funny and I love reading her kick-ass Blog.   

I’m super jealous of her because she can whip up the most adorable hand-made jewelry in the blink of an eye and it better than most of the stuff you see on Etsy.com.  

Awesome!  Go check it out.

Shout outs included in my guest post are: my Bitch, Kelly at MagnetoBoldToo, Lori and Colourful Rants of a fed up Sista.


settoncrew said...

Loved it! You are NOT long winded at all... you had my attention right down to your comment ;)

jacksofbuxton said...

A guest blogger?

You like to put yourself about a bit Gillian......

Copyboy said...

I will indeed.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Settoncrew aw you're very sweet.

@Jacksofbuxton Call me Celebrity Blogger LOL!

@Copyboy and?


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