Saturday, 28 May 2011

Get Back to your Cubicle and Think Outside the Box, Plonker

Whether your gig is playing a musical instrument like my guitar genius hero, Jack White or writing a song like Lennon and McCartney, written word like Shakespeare or creating something visual like a painting or sculpture.  

They are all asked the same question :"where does it come from"?

This is a difficult question to answer and got me pondering.

My opnion, is that it all starts with a feeling.  That feeling creates a spark, something that kick-starts that passion within you.  Something may make you angry, jealous, sad, happy, frustrated...Its starts with that specific feeling. 

The creativity kicks in when you display your individual method to express that feeling.

It then moves to the expressive stage, getting that feeling "out there" by producing a piece of work that you cannot stop or delay until all those feelings are expressed in a way that makes you feel satisfied.

It needs concentration and pushing your boundaries of thought and method. But once its out there it is a huge relief.  The feeling of accomplishment when it is completed they exact way you intended it to.

You've shared something with another human being. We only hope that in the process, we've made someone else feel connected to it.  Making them feel like they are not alone, that someone shares their thoughts.

If you have made someone relate and agree - or disagree - the creative process has been complete.

As long as it stirs some sort of emotion that starts the entire process off again.

Yesterday, I watched It Might Get Loud which is a documentary movie about three awesome guitarists: Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin, Jack White from The White Stripes and The Edge from U2.  This made me think of the creative process and how it manifests...

Its a great film.  Go watch!

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Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

For me the creative process begins with an idea to which I have a feeling attached, so what you said is basically true for me. From there the expression is I think mainly a matter of using my sensibilities for what is good art and being patient.

Andrew said...

Bob Dylan on where his music came from.

Brian Miller said...

nice...a couple greats in that vid you watched..i don question where it comes from cause i am afraid it might just go away if i follow it home...smiles.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Brian I question everything!

@Elliot I am not patient at all...

squatlo said...

Musically, my talent on guitar is so minimal that I merely hope to make pleasing noises most of the time, and anything creative that results is purely accidental. But I make my money as a professional nature photographer, and THAT requires a little more forethought and patience.
Love your blog, happy Mr. Mooner pointed it out to me. I've linked to your site from mine in my "signs of intelligent life" blogroll... expect to hear from my usual crowd of misfits and miscreants any minute now... (you were warned!)

David L Macaulay said...

I totally agree - hard sometimes to get the creativity in a mind numbing office environment, tho

Matt said...

Pretty deep and interesting insight. The creative process or any process that we go through has so many small steps and parts. Enjoyed your analysis of it all, going to follow.

Janet said...

My problem is, I have these WONDERFUL thoughts going on in my head and when I try and put them down .... aaaah! I struggle! I have now put a pad and pen next to my bed, so that if I wak up with some genius thought I can write it down IMMEDIATELY - problem is, when I wake up in the morning I can't remember why some green spotted frog sounded like a good idea .... LOL!

Jordan said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment!

Love this video, Jack is AMAZING!!

Jordan x

Angel said...

And sometimes that place it comes from gets lost in the murk of every day life... :(


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