Friday, 6 May 2011

Fawk You Friday and a Shoegasm

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Boobies, Babies and a Blog hosts Fawk You Friday.  So, go link up and tell us about that Fucker that cut you off in traffic or the assbag that sneezed down your neck or the untraceable Plonker who never changes the toilet roll when its finished. 

Here are my grumbles:

Fuck you to my premenstrual iPod that never wants to play along.  I get to gym today looking forward to listening to my Jack White and all my fucking songs are corrupt.  Temperamental little Bitch that she is.

Fuck you to Winter.  I hate you!  I detest being cold and you are rapidly creeping in.   Slipping in the back door like the sneaky Doochebag you are.  Long-sleeved tops and jackets are being hauled out.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the cute boots this season, but I hate having to wear layers of clothes that makes you look like fucking Mitchelin Man.

Fuck You to my pathetic local Spar Supermarket for never stocking my favourite Vanilla Yogi-Sips.  I was dying for one and you failed to bestow my craving.  Every other shaggin' flavour except what I was craving for! 

And ALWAYS a big Fuck You when I find a fish bone in my last scrummy bite of battered hake.  It just pisses right on my battery and makes the entire plate of food feel contaminated.  How can that crappy last bite dictate the overall satisfaction of a pretty good fish 'n chips dish?
My Final Fuck You: 

I am so incredibly thwarted that no one is hosting Friday Shoegasm anymore.   Very disappointed indeed, so I've decided to congregate my own group of Heel Worshippers.  Link up, ShoeFreaks and reveal all yer favorite bed hooker heels, Lassies.  Take the button below, post it on your blog and do a post on your favourite heels.

Bootie Licious $250 from Hipster Chick


$349 from Jellyfish
Louboutins Knock offs R765

 Have a brilliant weekend!
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Melanie said...

I would love to tell the douche bag at the gas pump who had to make a comment because I didn't support his team - he was all decked out in his hockey finery. And he had horrible salt and pepper 1970's feathered hair. He just couldn't drive away. He had to try and make me feel bad because we don't like the same sports team - and I am a girl. So FUCK YOU man. You suck.

Thank you for the vent!

cat said...

Oh fuck you to winter too - I hate you. Bring on Spring.

G-Man said...

Jillie Bean...
Fuck You!!!
Happy Mothers Day

Brian Miller said...

ok the skull shoes frickin rock...yeah, ready for full on summer

Not So Simply Single said...

Fuck the job and having to go back to work after vacation.

Love the pics of the shoes. I did some massive shoe shopping on my vacation!

Erin O'Brien said...

Total shoegasm--WOW!

Xmas Dolly said...

Okay, I signed now what am I supposed to do. Love the shoes Shoeseria and the highheeled spats are the bomb! Have a wonderful Mothers Day, Luv!

Daffy said...

OH MY HELL those are some fanfuckingtastic humpmepumps! *swoon*

west_starlight said...

Had enuff of winter and am so glad it is pretty much gone.
A giant FAWK YOU to my manager for giving me a great big whopping .77 cents an hour raise after doing an "excellent" job for 3 years. Plus in the next breath reminding me that I had been given time off when my Dad dies 2 years ago. 6 whole days! That including planning the funeral.

Love the skull shoes. Also the last pair. I am a show whore.

west_starlight said...

Okay, I meant shoe whore and when my Dad died 2 years ago.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Melanie My pleasure! next time link up and do your own Fawk You Friday.

@cat Amen, sista!

@G-Man Fuck you too!

@Brian perhaps you should invest in a pair for Mother's Day

@NSSS well link up next week and show us!!

@Xmas Dolly Happy Mother's Day to you too, sweetie

@Daffy remember to link up next Friday!

@starlight I knew exactly what you mean. What a Wanker of a Boss!

Boobies said...

Holy hell! Are you hosting the Friday Shoegasm?!!! Good to know for next week! ;)

Fawk Winter...I'm SO SO glad we're finally getting spring weather here..(Not tryin to brag!)

BecauseIcan said...


I am going to definitely return on Friday for more :-)



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