Monday, 14 May 2012

First Love Fever is only a little Foolishness and a lot of Curiosity.

They say that we never recover from our first love. I wouldn't say we don't reocover, but we certainly never forget.  First loves can really fuck you up for life.  

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting a First Love Blogfest today so head on over and see who else's is playing along.  You can also link up and tell us about your first music love, first book love, first music love and first person love.
My First Music Love was Mr Paul Hewson aka Bono from U2.  Oh Em Gee, I thought he was the bees knees and the most handsome man I'd ever laid my eyes on.  That dark hair, those blue eyes and that Irish accent *swoon*

The first U2 12" vinyl album I bought was "War" and I was totally smitten with his music and the band's sound.  After that, I couldn't get enough and I'd get the bus to Hillbrow Record Centre every other weekend to see if they had any new LPs to buy.  If they didn't have what I wanted, I'd order it.  I could remember how excited I was waiting for the release of Joshua Tree.  (Still one of the best albums ever)  I used to read the Smash Hits magazine to get all information I could on him (way before Google). 
I can remember when Bono was on the front cover.  It was 1986 and I swooned and drooled and plastered his posters on my bedroom walls.  I bought badges and postcards with Bono's face on, I wrote his name on my school notebooks, bag and pencil case.  He could do no wrong in my eyes.

My First Movie Love, or telly love, was Ricky Schroder of the television series Silver Spoons.  I wouldn't miss an episode every week because he was so dreamy.  I loved his blonde hair and blue eyes and I thought I'd never see a boy so beatiful until I set my eyes on Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street.  My mum would let me stay up until 9pm on a Friday night to watch him.  He made my knees weak and my heart pound.  Aahhhh teenage crushes are so brilliant!

Is that a young Alfonso Ribeiro?

My First Book Love would be Shakespeare, believe it or not.  I didn't read much at school, in fact, I only read books if they were on the school mandatory reading list.  I detested reading while I was at school.  However, when we studied the Romeo and Juliet play in my second last year of high school, I was hooked and besotted (cliche, I know). 

After that, I'd scour the second hand books stores looking for Shakespeare classics and read and re-read them.  I still do.

"Like an old photograph
Time can make a feeling fade
But the memory of a first love
Never fades away.”

My First Real Person love was a boy called Mitch.  He was dark and handsome and phoned me every night to talk about nothing in particular.  He wrote me letters, he was the first boy that made me really giggle and the first boy who told me I was beautiful.  I was love-struck.

That Boy stole my heart and broke it at the same time.  I thought HE was the beginning and the end. When he broke up with me, I thought my heart would NEVER mend.  I cried for two days solid.  My world fell apart and I thought I'd never stop crying. My mum dried my tears, held me tight and told me that he was an ARSEHOLE.  Mum told me time would heal my wounds and that this too shall pass.

Mum was right.  Mum is always right.


Empty Nest Insider said...

I also thought Ricky Schroder was adorable, and fell for him in the movie The Champ. I loved your last line about your mum! Julie

YeamieWaffles said...

Bono is pretty awesome Lass, I've always been a huge U2 fan and without him I don't think they'd be so great at all. I'm pretty surprised that your first literary love was Shakespeare just because I like to read but I always found him tough to understand. From this post and your Mother's Day post your mum sounds like such a seriously great lady, here's hoping she and yourself have a great Mother's Day.

grins said...

I married my first love. It lasted six months after we were married. About two months after I married my second love. It lasted almost as long. I didn't marry for ten years. I married my third love. They say the first fifty years are the hardest. Twenty four more to go.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Moms...Mums are always right indeed. First loves are real heartbreakers in every sense of the word, huh? Time does heal all things, especially broken hearts.

Thanks for linking up and sharing Adele's song. This is one I haven't heard yet.

<a href=">It Takes Two-Volcano-The Night Has a Thousand Eyes-Superwoman</a>

C.M.Brown said...

Romeo and Juliet - classical!
Bono (U2) - legendary!

Sam said...

Cute post, reminded me of all my first loves - most of which still feature somewhere somehow in my life. The last paragraph is so true!

Anne-Claire Poupon said...

I love Adele she is a amazing singer!!

Take care and have a nice day :)

Copyboy said...

Love these silver trips down memory lane. :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

LOVE Adele, so of course I love your choice! ;)

Good Girls Gone Bad with Angel Eyes and a Lightstick – Safe and Sound said...

Oh yes, Ricky Schroder was so adorable and a clean-cut, nice boy too. They don't make them like that anymore.

You're mom sounds like a gem.


AimeeKay said...

Thank you for sharing all your 1st loves!
And yes your mom was very right!

Blogger Broadcast said...

wow, that photo of hers is sooo touched up, but I love that song...first ime I am hearing.

royalegacy said...

Ricky Schroder was a great young actor. I still can't believe how I cried at the end of The Champ. Thanks for sharing.

Danielle @ Royalegacy

Run DMT said...

I loved this trip down memory as you shared your first loves. Perfect song choice for it all too!

Andrea Teagan said...

Gotta love Bono. I have never seen Silver Spoons before, looks interesting. You are the second person I've read that loves Shakespeare..that is amazing, how can you understand it? :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Mother always knows! Surprised no one else has mentioned Bono or U2 today.
Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

Xmasdolly said...

I guess to each there own, but I'm not sure I'm likin' Adele's song. Seems like like a sleeper to me. Love your subject on your Post. My first love and I were fantastic, but because I had big boobs at an early age (we were 13) his very religious mother broke us up. I wasn't sad until I got over the anger & yes baby girl Mum's are always right!

Tasha Seegmiller said...

Silver Spoons! I totally forgot about this show. I just wanted the train in my living room.

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Ah, Adele....Quite the powerhouse she is! Love those pipes on that girl!

Honestly, I've never heard of Silver Spoons, but it definitely has the tell-tale signs of an 80's/90's tv show.

What happened to those kind of good shows? Now all they have on is crap!

Lastly, but certainly not least, mom is ALWAYS right. Like she's told me several times, she is right, she will always be right and it would do me best to remember that. LOL

Have a musical week!

JamericanSpice said...

Thanks for sharing your loves.
I'm not sure how to express my first love.

Donna Hole said...

Can anyone truly replace Johnny Depp in a girl's heart? I saw Ricky Schroder in a few adult roles and he did OK. Not a great like JD of course.


Claire Hennessy said...

Ooh those first loves, eh?! I just married mine after a 30 year separation!

Donna Shields said...

Totally forgot about Silver Spoons. I'd watch that all the time.

MJ said...

A little behind in visiting 1st loves. I had a crush on the same boys, Ricky and Johnny...sigh!

Barbara said...

Mommy's are the best... and I love the saying - this too shall pass!
It was mean of him to do that!

I like your style.

Sharing the Love!
English Speaking Zone

Jeremy Bates said...

Hey, crazy woman! lol Ricky Scroeder? lol I never loved him but maybe I was jealous of him.

As for Shakespeare, my fave was and still is, "Julius Ceasar".

And who can forget U2. Their music is so different sounding and I suppose my fave by them has to be "vertigo".

Stop by and see me again!


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