Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My beautiful Mum

Mum, I know I owe you the world
And you deserve no less
I wish I could be there to give you a hug
As I'm an emotional mess.

I miss just sitting beside you
To have a cuppa and a natter
To share old stories and giggle
Just like the daft mad hatter

 For Your Mother's Day party
I write for you this ditty.
My poetry skills are hearty
And cheap, but oh so witty!

My mum when she was a teenager in the 50s

Mum giving a pose at 70.

I love you Mum


Ami said...

She IS beautiful. And the photo of her with your daughter is very sweet.

And Happy Mother's Day to YOU, too!

Technogran said...

Happy Mothers Day for whenever you celebrate it. Trouble is there are too many who don't admit that their mother is right until its too late and she's no longer there. Glad that your not one of them...

Lesley at Fabulously Flawed said...

Your Mum is gorgeous! What a lovely tribute. ♥

cat said...

Lovely tribute

Xmasdolly said...

OMG I'M GONNA CRY! I can see where you get your good looks, and yet I see you in that the little type granddaughter next to her. If I didn't know better I'd say that was you when you were little!


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