Saturday, 19 May 2012

And The Winners Are...

First things first, I got a joke in a comment from Nat that I just have to share because its pretty fucking funny:

Two Glaswegians, Archie and Jimmy, are sitting in the pub discussing Jimmy's forthcoming wedding.

"Och, it's all goin' pure brilliant," says Jimmy. "Ay've got everythin' organised ulriddy, the pipers, the Kirk, the mootor cars, the reception, the rings, the minister, even ma stag night".

Archie nods approvingly.

"Ay've even bought me a kilt to be married in!" continues Jimmy.

"A kilt?" exclaims Archie, "That's magic, you'll look right smart in that. What's the tartan?"

"Och," says Jimmy, "Ah'd imagine she'll be in white.. "

Secondly, Congratulations to the Winners of my ten Zando Gift Vouchers:

Nads, Mandy, Renae, Aziza, Jana, Lauren G, Sub-Radar Mike, Wreckless Euroafrican, Come at Me Bro and Simple Sequins.

Contact me and I will email your Zando vouchers!

Happy Shopping, Plonkers.

Lastly, Congratulations to this week's Caption my Photo Competition #52: AimeeKay.  Here is what she captioned

Stupid human...ghost peppers in my tuna..haha very funny...Someones getting hairballed

And this is what you've won!

Contact me at with your postal address


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Nothing more disgusting than a hairball!

Nat said...

Glad you liked the joke :-)

AimeeKay said...

I have to agree I SOOOO HATE hairballs!!!

Thanks for choosing my caption! Sooo awesome, sending you my address now.


Maurice Mitchell said...

LOL Thats great!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Thanxs for the prize!


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