Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blog Action Day - Food Glorious Food

So, Plonkity-Plonkers...its Blog Action Day today and the theme this year is Food.  One of my favourite things, that's why my arse resembles the rear of a Renault Megane.  It's so fucking wide!

Anyhoozer, if you're anything like me and domestically challenged...  actually, I'm not that bad.  It's just that I don't enjoy cooking or being in the kitchen.  I'm certainly no Domestic Goddess but I can calculate kilojoules to calories and back again with uncanny precision because I'm forever on diet.  

My meals in the kitchen are what my loving family call "The Quick and Nasty". 

Don't get me wrong, I CAN cook and bake if I want to, when I feel the desire (which is not often) but I'd rather not, quite frankly.  Lets just say I could think of dozens of other things I'd rather be doing. I do what I need to do - get in - get out - clean up - done.  That's A Daft Scots Lass in the kitchen.  

So, I thought I'd talk about Cooking Classes and what I found while Googling for it.

Take The Anatomy of Food Cooking Classes within the comfort of your own home. Anatomy of Food chef, Aimee Hunter will instruct you, you and your preferred partner, or you and three of your closest friends on how to enhance your home cooking with local ingredients.

Braise, bake, and baste to your heart's delight with the season's bounty:  think Winter vegetables and Fall fruit crumbles. Not your average food blogger or cooking instructor, chef Hunter will teach you how to make a favorite dish sustainably or revisit the basics to enhance your health and everyday cooking. 

Learn in an intimate setting, solo or with your best pals, over a glass of mulled wine if you so choose. They say that's the anatomy of a great evening!

If all the pomp and and garnishing is not for you, then head on out to MacDonalds for a 4 year old cheese burger!


Mynx said...

I would love to do a cooking class but preferably not in my kitchen. I would much prefer somewhere more exotic, perhaps Italy might be nice..

Mike Smith said...

Arse the size of a Renault Megane - priceless!

vanyelmoon said...

Thanks for turning me onto the Blog Action Day. I joined up and created a post. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Brian Miller said...

food can def be a thing to bring people together...and cooking together an intimate a cooking class could be a great thing all the way around...

f8hasit said...

I love the new layout! Hopefully it hasn't been that long since youi changed it, but if it has...please accept my spologies for being away.

But I could hardly read the post as I was still trying to hold it together from the statement above your phot! Shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick.

Oh. MY.
LOVE it!

Copyboy said...

You've proven good food is global. I'll check her out. BTW...I made you blog of the day.

Not So Simply Single said...

Damn you crack me up girl...

I want you to cook for me...

But I will pass on the MacDonalds cheese burger!

Love ya,

wendy said...

well....all I can say is
when I married my husband I asked him
WHAT room of the house do you want me to cook in
enough said.

jellybelly said...

Visiting from that Friday bloghop!

The Twerp and I

The Glebe Blog said...

I'd bet your kidding about the Renault Magane when you're really an Alfa Romeo.
I quite often like to take time to prepare something out of a cookbook.I also remember many of the dishes my old Scots mum and granny used to cook.
One of my favourites was Scottish Kale soup with the pulses being soaked overnight.Getting good quality Kale is a bit of a problem these days.

The there's always the simple and quick Glasgow Vegetarian meal.........................................A plate o' chips.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Mynx I'm in!

@Mike s'troo!

@vanyelmoon Cool

@Brian Excellent stuff. Send me the recipes.

@Copyboy aw shucks! Fanx

@NSSS you do? cheese sarmies all around!

@theGlebeBlog Alfa Romeo? I speet on yooooo


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