Saturday, 8 October 2011

Show Yer Ta-Tas Some Love!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Enter to Win $500 Prize

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and EdenFantasys are creating awareness of the disease and are running Video Competition to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.  

Head on over there and you could win a gift basket with $500 of luxury pink toys from EdenFantasys.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer as well as providing a platform for breast cancer charities to raise awareness of their work and of the disease and early detection.

A way you can become a part of this is by doing regular breast self-examinations and have your annual mammogram.  By doing your self-examination you can detect the disease early and save your life!

Here's how to do you own 5 Step Breast Exam:
  1. Begin by looking at your breasts in the mirror with your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips. Now, raise your arms and look for the same changes.
  2. While you're at the mirror, look for any signs of fluid coming out of one or both nipples (this could be a watery, milky, or yellow fluid or blood).
  3. Next, feel your breasts while lying down, using your right hand to feel your left breast and then your left hand to feel your right breast. Use a firm, smooth touch with the first few finger pads of your hand, keeping the fingers flat and together. Use a circular motion, about the size of a quarter.
  4. Cover the entire breast from top to bottom, side to side — from your collarbone to the top of your abdomen, and from your armpit to your cleavage. Follow a pattern to be sure that you cover the whole breast. You can begin at the nipple, moving in larger and larger circles until you reach the outer edge of the breast. You can also move your fingers up and down vertically, in rows, as if you were mowing a lawn. This up-and-down approach seems to work best for most women. Be sure to feel all the tissue from the front to the back of your breasts: for the skin and tissue just beneath, use light pressure; use medium pressure for tissue in the middle of your breasts; use firm pressure for the deep tissue in the back. When you've reached the deep tissue, you should be able to feel down to your ribcage
  5.  Finally, feel your breasts while you are standing or sitting. Many women find that the easiest way to feel their breasts is when their skin is wet and slippery, so they like to do this step in the shower. Cover your entire breast, using the same hand movements described in Step 4.


    Stephanie D said...

    Terrific post. Thanks for the reminder!

    Wreckless Euroafrican said...

    There are a lot of ads on the radio now about breast cancer, awareness there off, and testing. they claim that a test by a specialist would take about 15 minutes. My son and I discussed it, and came to the conclusion that it would probably take more like 30 - 45 minutes to do a proper check!!!!

    But, it is a serious issue, and you do well by posting a reminder here. Well done.


    A Daft Scots Lass said...

    Yeah it something every woman should think about.

    Ducky said...

    Its amazing how many women still don't check...even with all the attention brought to the issue. I'm one of those women. I need to do something about that. Suppose it counts still if I ask Irishman to check for me? That just seems like it would be more fun. I'm not being flippant either... I might remember better if he was helping :O)


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