Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What Questions do you have for A Daft Scots Lass?

I've done this before but I haven't done it in over a year, so I thought I'd haul it out again.

You Plonkers get to ask me all the questions you've wanted to ask but haven't yet.
Once I have a good few questions gathered together, I answer them..

Looking forward to hearing some creative and kickass questions.




cat said...

Very personal, but I want to know how Megan's doing after the neurologist visit, what the plans ahead are for school next year etc. As a mom with a kid with issues, I worry about every single blogger I know that has a kid with issues and I would love to know.

Secondly, what exactly do you do at work every day. I know you work with expos, but what does a typical day look like.

Jennifer Scavone said...

Why do you live in South Africa and when did you move there? Also, how the hell did you get that many blog followers? lol jw

Sausage Fingers said...

Are you a true ginger?

Matthew MacNish said...

How did you get so (hilariously) twisted?

Joshua said...

Do you miss Scotland? If you do, what part do you miss the most? Also, what crime did you commit that you can't go back? What is your favorite meal?

Jess said...

Do you speak Afrikans?

vanyelmoon said...

What started your love affair with shoes? I am not a fashionista,so I am always curious on how these fetishes begin.

IndigoWrath said...

Half empty or half full?
Symmetry or Supersymmetry?
Raspberry or strawberry jam?
(no marmalade cop-outs)

wendy said...

Oh my goodness...I haven't been reading you all that long....I probably have lots of questions I'd like to ask you
to get to know YOU better
what makes you tick

but....what is it in life that MOTIVATES you most..

jenette or more commonly known as "j" said...

Best ginger ninja moment?
Your best ginger movie character or cartoon caracter?
How often do you go back to Scotland?
How did you meet your hubby?!!

Find me a man!!!! hahahaha. Thats not a question, but I thought I'd throw it in there anyway :)

The Glebe Blog said...

Is that a do'nut or a meringue ?


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