Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday Follower #12 and a Shoegasm


Meet Jesse the artist:

I started this blog The art of Jesse in late June of 2008. The original name of my first blog was Noe's Paradise. I started that blog in January during my year of Liver Chemotherapy.  Years later, and many positive experiences later, I find myself clear of my medical condition and full of love and goofy moments...LOL

These Four masters are part of my art products (some are unfinished pieces) as you all can obviously see I like to use canvas panels and acrylic paint; however, I also use water color and clay for sculptures.  For texture I use a variety of materials such as: Painter's Putty, Cheese cloth, Molding Paste, the list goes on and on. These products are part of large sets I am giving away.

I love walking on trails in the winter with family or friends when I get the chance and enjoy wearing black leather jackets.

Well that is it.  

My friends find my site funny and complex.  It is hard to digest some of my posts sometimes, but remember it is always in good fun.  

I want to thank my friend from A Daft Scots Lass for asking me to participate in this post.  I have not been willing to do this after many dozens of requests, but I like my friend from South Africa!!!

Thank you Jesse!  You're brilliant!

And now for some pretty things for My Pretty Plonkers.  Take my pretty button and link up your pretty shoes.  Remember to let my pretty-ass know that you linked up yer pretty pumps.  Enought pPetty for ye? 

Purple Suede PeepToe Sling-back $84.99

Nude Leather Pumps $119.99

Fuchsia 2 Lips Too Pumps $54.99 
Iron Fist Love Bites Platform $59.99

Black Suede Wedges $94.99
Have a Freaky Friday!


1986 CR Swart Matrieks said...

Oh I love the cow ones

Dazee Dreamer said...

awesome shoes this week, as always.

W.C.Camp said...

I like the broken heart - looks good. Generally not a fan of THAT gesture in any form. Nice artsy guest post though - glad you are healthy!!!

As for the shoes - Gotta go for the pink ones this week - Very nice and reasonably priced too! W.C.C.

wendy said... had Liver Cancer?? Since I am new to your blog, I did not know that. Must have been a rather difficult and scary time. HAPPY that all is well now.
as for Shoes...LOVE 'EM
but can hardly wear anything to outrageous.
I have a bunion and it hurts if I wear anything that is too tight, or high.
I am looking for a sexy pair of cowgirl boots...with more of a rounded toe, that hopefully I can wear.

Jesse said...

Hi there sweet Star!!

Thank you for the post... If anyone is wondering where Jesse is from? I am from the US.

I am Mexican American, and I hope you all will excuse my art manners....


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Great Guest Post, Jesse. Thanx for popping in.


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