Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Go Vote *Shameless Plugging*

So without much further ado Laura presents the 2012 Mommy Blogger Awards.

How it will work

You, as the reader, nominate a Mom Blogger by sending an email to Laura on why you feel I deserves to win. She doesn't really want an essay – just a few lines on why you enjoy my blog, what makes me unique or special to you etc.  Laura will then narrow it down to 5 finalists – her decision will not be based on who got the most nominations but rather what was said about them.   Once she has 5 finalists we will then put it to a vote and a winner will be chosen.  We will take nominations until the 10 August.

The finalists will be announced on the 13 August when voting opens and it will stay open until Friday the 17th August.

There will be a winner plus 2 “runners up”

Loads of Prizes for the winner

The nominated blogger must be a mom.
She must blog at least twice a week.
She must be South African.
The blog must be a personal blog.

You can send all your nominations to laurakallmayer@gmail.com.

Go Do it!


YeamieWaffles said...

I've never read Laura's blog before but for you to be endorsing her she must be awesome haha, wishing her the best of luck in winning this competition.

Wait, I think I've read this all wrong haha, it's possible to nominate you right? I'm so stupid.

Althea said...

Well good luck :) x

Mark said...

Okay, I shot a little love-letter off to Laura. Hope it works!
Good Luck!


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