Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday Follower and A Shoegasm


A (not so) Moving Self-Portrait
First of all, let me extend a great big, sloppy, wet thank you to for featuring me on her fabulous blog.  I’ve been blogging since March, and I cannot believe the wonderful writers I have found—and A Daft Scots Lass is the cream of the crop!

This is my first blog feature, and am I excited or what?!  My blog, The (not so) Special Mother, is little more than random neuron firings of a slightly disturbed mind.  The thought process when I started my blog went kind of like this:  Write a blog, or open fire at the Wal-Mart? Well, obviously the blog was the simplest thing to do, plus I think I’d look like shit in orange, so…….here I am.

The most alarming thing about this feature was the last line of communication I received from the ol’ Scots Lass—“just remember to include some pictures.”  Uh-oh.

See, I’m very crafty at being behind the camera, and never in front of it.  I hate to show my picture to people.  But since she was so kind as to offer me this feature, I guess I’ll go ahead and put a pic or two in here for you.

There you go.  Now you see why I hate having my picture taken.

Anyway, when it comes to describing myself, I don’t know how great I am at that, either.  Most days I feel like I’m herding cats.  I’m just a stay-at-home mom of two kids, and the full-time care-taker for my disabled sister.  Everyone thinks I must be this saintly, enlightened soul, but they are, of course, wrong.  I’m a bitter, grouchy, big-mouth bitch who has still, after more years than I care to number, not learned to keep my mouth shut when I need to.

I was born, raised, and still reside in Wild, Wonderful (welfare) West Virginia. (To all of you who failed geography, yes, it’s a whole other state!)  My childhood was fairly normal, I guess.

I’ve always enjoyed writing as a means of expression, but for some reason I just always felt it wasn’t an option for an actual way of life. 

But that’s the story of my life, you know?  Mistakes, then more mistakes.  I look back at the person I was, and I could kick myself right in the ass.  Nearly every single thing I thought was important as a teenager and young adult was just so much bunk.  All of my liberal, bullshit ideas had absolutely nothing to do with reality.  I’m not even going to talk about how I squandered my college career.

Having said that, I also have to add that although my ideals have matured, I have ultimately just kept becoming a more and more concentrated version of myself.  The core things that make me, well, me, haven’t changed all that much. 

I’ve always been just on the outside of what everyone else would consider “normal.”  I almost never fit in with the crowd.  I’m just not one of those girls, although I’ve always had a great relationship with all of the pretty, popular girls.  Here’s a pic from my high-school days:

Anyway, I’m the same, but different, if that makes sense.  I’m a work-in-progress. But hey, aren’t we all?

Okay, okay—I know you’re not going to be satisfied unless I actually put a picture of myself on here somewhere, so count yourself among the lucky (?) few who have seen actual photographic evidence of my existence.  Wait for it……

Now I can share some adorable heels I came across this week.  Go check 'em out, steal my button and let me know you posted Hooker Heels that I can drool over.

I also wanted to ask if anyone has ever actually clicked on one of my shoe links and bought a pair of shoes that I have posted on my blog?

Babel Zebra Print Pumps $137.00

Pink and Purple Mary Jane Platforms $16.99

Black Thigh Platform Fuck Me Boots $29.99

Stripey ballet flats $5.99

Retro Floral Cut Out Platforms $17.99


The Accidental Somebody said...

You know all the WRONG people would be wearing those fuck-me boots. You know, the ones you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole let alone fuck.


Melanie said...

I will be checking out that blog for for the shoes...there have been A LOT I have liked, but I really am very bad at buying things for myself. I introduced my husband to your shoe feature last week...he has a thing for I think that, yes, I will very soon be getting some shoes featured right here!!

LynnRush said...

Okay, the floral ones are awesome. I'd never wear anything so high heeled, because I'd break an ankle...I'm so lame that way...but they are super cute. I'll stick to the ballet shoes. :)

Mike Smith said...

You're looking well these days, lassie...


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