Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fuck You Friday and A Shoegasm

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Fawk You Friday is hosted by Boobies and Christy. Go link up and vent your weekly frustrations at those who pissed on yer battery!  Whine, rant, bitch and moan is the name of the game, Fuckers.

Fuck you to all the Movember participent Plonkers out there.  They are taking over the cocksmokin' interwebz!  Check the envy in my eye?  Oh okay, I want an EarlStash!  Perhaps I should start my own trend and have Pittember and grow out my oakster hair (for those of you that don't speak "DaftScot", oakster is an armpit).  Good idea or utter pish?  I need yer feedback.

Fuckity Fuck You to the tummy bug that invaded my 8 year old this week.  MummyLove is... holding your daughters hair out of the way while she empties the slimey contents of her stomach into the Porcelain Pan every two hours.  Rubbing her back while she wretches and and makes teradactile noises.  I even threw up a little in my own mouth while watching her.

F-F-Fuck You to Midnight puppy duty.  Having a 6 week old pup in the house is like having a newborn all over again.  The crying, the whining, the night feeds, the outside toilet duty, cleaning up doggie shite.  At the end of it all you say OH Fuck it and put her in the bed just so you can get some sleep.

Fuck you to my Cupboard Clutter blog that's taken all my time this week and hence had no blog posts with substance. 

Take my button and let me know if you link up your beautiful shoes so I can come visit.  These are local heels this week.
Double Colour Kitten Heels R290.00

Two tone bow shoes R230.00 from BidorBuy

Nude Evening Platform Pumps R350.00
Two Tone Blue and Black R400 from BidorBuy

Swarovski crystal Teal Sandal R325.00
Beige Mary Jane Wedges R325.00
Pink Peep Toe Criss Cross Sandals R265.00
Silver Glitter Platforms R300.00


Joshua said...

I started to rant about meth users and makers on Thursday. Fuckers.

Dazee Dreamer said...

noooo, don't grow out the armpit hair. I beg you.

Tiny Goes Retail said...

TGIF thats all im going to say lol!!!!

Mynx said...

I say grow the armpit hair then shave it into decorative patterns....actually not a great idea.
Hope you daughter is feeling better. Vomiting kids are disgusting. I was so glad when the got old enough to get them selves to the toilet in time and then told me after

The Glebe Blog said...

I agree with Minx,Oxter hair looks good trimmed to shape.
It's the same with the other hidden female hair,the fashion designer Mary Quant was notably proud that her husband trimmed hers into a heart shape.
Wikipedia have some interesting diagrams on pubic hair.

Remember the poem.
"Hairy Mary had a dunt,and she fell ower a sailors bunk..............Aw the Sailors had a ? Now then how did that poem finish ? Wish I could remember.

Boobies said...

The whole 'let your porn stash grow' idea is just weird to me. Wonder if they'll come up with a 'Ladies don't groom your vajay' deal? EEEEK!

I want those shoes...all of them!

Puppies are cute..but they're too much like babies. LOTS of work!

JoeinVegas said...

utter pish

Monkey Man said...

tummy flues suck....or rather - blow. Hope little one is on the mend. Puppies? I'd rather rescue an older dog than have to go through that training and lack of sleep just for "puppy cute"...that goes away, you know.

Babes Mami said...

I want a puppy too but thinking about putting it out so often...ugh.

Mad Mind said...

Okay, no armpit hair allowed. And the nighttime puppy duty is why I do not get puppies. Sorry, I can't agree with either.


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