Monday, 14 November 2011

The Noughties Bangin' Blogfest

I told you a while ago about Dave Wrote This and his brilliant idea of having The Noughties Blogfest. 

Well, Plonkers it's not too late to sign up and publish your noughties blog post.  You're supposed to post something from each year of the Noughties decade but you know me, I never stick to the rules.

After the euphoria of the Millennium, the world settled into a decade that, after a bit of dispute, came to refer to itself as the Noughties.  The name itself earns the award for the worst name for a decade ever!

Crocs were invented and it became a world-wide phenomenon.  Yeah, those special shoes for special people.  The fugliest shoes EVAR! You don’t even have to wear shoes, trainers will do or anything that doesn’t make you look like a fucking hospital cleaner.
Ugg Boots were proof that girls only cared about looking like the yeti and loosing all the hotness they ever had.

Joke of the Noughties 
The only way Heather Mills can redeem herself now is to find Madeleine McCann.

Image of the Noughties
September  11, 2001

Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape was exposed on the interwebz *snore* and the Brilliant Borat was born.

Amongst all the growing reality TV shows, the brilliant Dr Who returned to the small screen.

Arguably, the most important thing that  happened to clubbing and restaurants during the Noughties, was the smoking ban. Venues without the option of being able to provide a smoking area suffered to the point of closure and club nights were changed forever.  Talk about pissing on our battery and killing the vibe?  

2004 saw the creation of Facebook. 
In the noughties it was reported that there are more blogs in the world than people!
iPod and Kindle were born.

Top Of The Pops died from lack of interest
Alicia Keyes and Dido were huge back in 2001
2005 saw Nickelback release their bangin' song Rock Star!
2003 was the release of "Elephant" by The White Stripes and Jack White killed Seven National Army at the Grammys.  His electric yowl aimed at everyone "from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell".


Dave said...

Rules were meant to be broken. Thanks for taking part in The Noughties Blogfest.

Dave Wrote This

jenette or more commonly known as "j" said...

Have you hugged your Time Lord today?

G-Man said...

Jillie Bean,, have a Great Day!

Joshua said...

I think I followed the rules. I don't know, I didn't really get a chance to read them. However, I went the all movies route because that's the kind of nerd I am.

I'll be getting to everyone on the linky later, because work is about to kick my ass. With steel-heeled, sharpened stiletto heels. Know a good proctologist to fix me up when I'm done?

iZombie said...

some of the world's ups and downs...

Jeremy [2thumbs]
Two Thumbs

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Facebook is seven years old - and I'm still not on it!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Dave thanx for visiting!

@j Indeed

@Joshua A doctor who puts in a hard day at the orifice? Sure! Dr. A Hole

@G-Man has it arrived yet?

@iZombie Welcome to ADSL, hope you stick around for a while.

@Alex Ditto! I'm either extremely stoopid or just too fucking old for that shite.

Copyboy said...

Everytime I see that image it sends chills right through me. Guess it's the NYer and human in me.

Patricia Lynne said...

Nice list of events. I had a friend who abhorred Crocs and we always joked that we were going to get him a pair. Then we had another friend who wore them all the time. I really didn't care either way. lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog too. =)

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, fun list. I love the White Stripes (they are local for me). Though I confess to loving my Crocs too. I've never cared much for fashion.

Budd said...

nice, unique take on the blogfest.

Rhonda@Laugh Quotes said...

Thanks for the reminder. I got Laugh Quotes up and running on the blogfest (linked here to my name). By the way, I am wearing my crocs now :) Love your blog and I am your newest follower :)

Ricky said...

Great stuff.

Melanie said...


Donna Hole said...

Now that's the way to sum up a decade. Thoroughly enjoyed this :)


miruspeg said...

Hi Gillian!
Very interesting post about the noughties. You are a fun writer to read my friend!
Love the Heather Mills joke. :-)
Take care
Peg xxxxxxxx

cat said...

Great list! And yes, that must be defining naughties image

Tasha Seegmiller said...

I really think crocs are the most disgusting shoes ever thought up. I don't care how they have changed the style, they are still ugly.

Great list.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Tasha Ugly is the understatement of the fucking decade!


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