Wednesday, 30 November 2011

How to Fondle the Proxy Penis

Happy Wednezday, Plonkers...

Here are 12 things you may wish you didn't know....

You touch 15 Cocks a Day!

Indirectly, but still.  It's by touching things recently by someone who's just touched their junk.  We're pretty grossed out at the thought of indirectly groping someone's cock, let alone 15!  Every time you touch a doorknob just imagine how nmany knobs you're fondling!  Not too different from fiving out wristies on Oxford Road...

Porn Doesn't Pay

Ever thought about quitting your desk job for a bed job?  That in your next life you'd be making a killing mining for Marmite down the next Jenna Jameson's holiest of holeys?  Forget it, Plonkers!  Not only is it almost impossible for a straight bloke to get a break in the adult film industry, the slary male porn stars earn is positively pitiful.  Still, STDs and living on the breadline aside, there's something to be said for nailing your dream job.

The Floating Island of Crap

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is almost half the size of South Africa!  The world's largest landfill is completely unregulated, an island of plastic bottles, busted computers, manky toothbrushes and used connies.  And its there to stay.  Blah!

The Interwebz Never Forgets

Everything you've ever posted online is still there, somewhere, in the formless cornucopia of bits, bytes and feeds on the net.  Google can rat you out if the authorities ask for your info!

You're Taxed to the Max

Up to 60% of what you earn goes to the government.  That's tax on your salary, 14% VAT, carbon tax, tax on petrol and the e-toll system, which could chow R1000 a month if you commute between Jozi and Tswane!  The NHI is coming and as if that isn't enough, a one per cent tax has also been propsed to keep your favourite state broadcaster afloat.  And that on top of a fucking recession!

What Polony is really made of

The manufactuerers claim there's nothing substandard about he meat they use but when you're munching on that slimy pink tube, you're eating everthing they can't use in other products, ears, eyes, snouts and even testicles - all minced together and set in a fatty jelly made by boiling a pig's head.  YUMMERZ!

Shite in yer Nose

You don't smell anything with
out molecules binding to your olfactory receptors, so next time you're exposed to anal acoustics in a crowded lift know that you're ingesting little particles of poop.  When you flush a toilet, faecal matter is flung up six meters from the bowl, so chips your toothbrush!  And all air freshener does is mask the methane - shite that smells like lavender is still shite - just more insidious.

I See Stupid People

A staggering 41% of Yanks believe the rapture will happen by 2050.  Yes, almost half the population of what's still Earth's most powerful country are convinced that soon the faithful will be spirited away while they're sleeping, stuck in traffic or molesting altar boys.  These are the same people who aren't sold on global warming, probably because they think they'll be gone before the fallout.

Piracy Police are Pending

You've been scavenging the interwebz for everything your cap allows since you first learnt an mp3 isn't a form you have to submit to SARS.  But soon you may have to settle for what you've already managed to plunder.  Copyright companies in the US and UK have teamed up with service providers to monitor usage and South Africa looks set ot join the piracy pooping.  Downloading the latest Dexter might have Big Brother knocking at yer door.

Childbirth is Horrific

The miracle of life is also on of its biggest horrors.  Most men just don't have the stomach to handle the lumpy, blood-soaked terror that emergest from your lady's lovely Love Garden after your baby comes out or the turd she's bound to let slip as she's pushing out your progeny.  Add to that vaginal tearing and the manky placenta and you'll have to work hard to view her as sexy again!

Planes carry minimal fuel

As if breathing the same air as that Asian couple wearing masks over their mouths for 12 hours isn't enough to make you want to bring  your own oxygen tank, aerooplanes carry just enough fuel to get your there.  next time you need to make a detour, hoe its not a major one.

Glee is more successful than The King

The tune-spouting troupe from Fox's hit TV show have had more Billboard Hot 100 hits than Elvis Presley!  I shite you not.  Now on in its third season and pumping out an average of five power-pop rehashes an episode, expect these adolescent dethroners to leave The King's previous record of 108 entries in a trite trail of synth and slick productions.

Put that in yer pipe 'n smoke it!  

Do you know of some other facts of life that are better left obsure?


Cyn said...

okay while i am slightly disgusted & disturbed -- i loved this.

yeah we have some seriously stupid people over here -- i like to think i am not one of them -- but i am sure someone out there would beg to differ!


By Word of Mouth Musings said...

I was born in the UK and then grew up in Johannesburg! Now in US ... where abouts are you over there?

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Cyn mission accomplished

@BWOFMM I'm in Johannesburg!

ib said...

Okay, now that you have filled my, already topped off, obsessive thinking brainal cavity, I must now go to the local army depot and acquire a gas mask and a rubber body condom.

JamericanSpice said...

Now that's interesting.
I say bomb the a naive way..

Oooh ban govt officials there!

crap I was hoping that toilet thing wasn't so true. Needs a huge loo.

Yes the rapture will happen. It should be rather interesting.

Pirating is easy in my country. Oh wait. I am in my country.

I'm not saying anything else and will try to allow my mind to obscure all this :)

Joshua said...

"You touch 15 Cocks a Day!"

As long as you wash your hands every once in a while you should be good. Just don't put them in your mouth. Your fingers. I meant your fingers.

The Accidental Somebody said...

Oh, so many things to say about this awesome post! First and foremost, I love cocks. Well, my guy's in particular, but if I could have that thing dangling from my chin 24/7 I'd be a very happy woman.

And second of all, SOOOO glad no turds escaped during either of my children's births. That's just fucking gross.

The things you come up with to post about never cease to amaze me...


Choleesa said...

Wow!!! That was ABSOLUTELY the cherry on my shitty day sundae.....I could have lived my whole life without reading that.....but like a bad accident, I may just take a second look.
You are a font of gross information.

Lovely Light said...

Why are you trying to scare me? And gross me out?! I guess there are some "nuggets" of useful stuff :)

The Glebe Blog said...

You're being a bit sexist here.How about telling us how many ladies button holes have been dabbed dry with the tissues and passed on to the complimentary mints.
Now I know you ladies don't dribble like us men,but we know you leak, and especially when you laugh loudly.
I hope this doesn't get me sniffing doorknobs.

Melanie said...

I feel a little bit violated now...

MrStrange said...

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