Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Follower and a Shoegasm

Sweet Rebecca from Let Them Eat Cake agreed to Guest Post for me and I was dead thrilled to have her visit. I love her pretty blog, her creative arty farty side AND she's got a great sense of humour.

Rebecca is a mother, wife, artist who met her husband in college when she was 19.   They have been together for ten years nowbut only got married in 2009 and they live in Florida

She is obsessed with:

♥ Scary Movies

♥ The Tudors

♥ Marie Antoinette

♥ Coach Bags

♥ Blogging

♥ Facebook

♥ Dr Pepper

Rebecca is crafty and incredibly creative. She works as a digital cartographer/graphic artist.  I think I may just have to ask her to paint a portrait of me.

Now, over to Rebecca answering some of my questions....

What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
I would have to say that would have to be my artistic ability. I posted some of my artwork up in a post not too long ago  and I am proud of my creativity as an artist too.

What got you started in blogging?
I actually started blogging a long time ago back in 2005 on Live Journal. Then I would start blogs and then delete them. I think it was more of an online diary where I could pour my feelings out without fear of someone coming into my room and reading them in an actual diary. I had control of who saw it and who didn't.

What's one of your favorite things about where you live and what you do?
Some would say I live in the happiest city on earth. Why? Because I live in Orlando, Florida home of the Happiest Place On Earth. DISNEYWORLD! Yes, just a few minutes for us and we can go any day anytime we wish. It's not something we have to plan months for or even years. Just wake up and go if we are bored and feel like going to a theme park. Not only that, but SeaWorld, Universal Studios, etc are all within a few minutes' drive as well. So you can always find something to do in this town.
If you could be something different from what you do, what would it be?
Gosh, this is hard. I have always only wanted to be an artist and that's what I am and do. However, if I had to make a turn-around and choose something completely different, I would like to be an astronaut and go explore space.

What's different about you?
I'm a very open-minded person. I take in so much and feel I am surrounded by so many people who are close-minded and don't want to listen or don't care and set in one way. I feel like a loner sometimes because it's hard to relate to people when they cannot deal with things you have to say.

Your favorite place in the world?
A tropical beach. Anywhere where it feels like paradise. That is my favorite spot to want to live, breathe, and just completely be.

If you had one day to live what would you do?
I would go sky-diving. Always wanted to and then after that, I may just go out and get a tattoo. Never had one and would get one if I had no more time on earth. I would run on the beach naked and use all my money to hop a flight to just a random spot in the world to explore.

What are you reading right now?
Noting at the moment. Reading books has never been my thing unless it's about something fascinating in history or a romance novel. Haven't had time to start anything

What's on your iPod?
I'm sure everyone will laugh but I'm a super huge 90's music fan. I have everything from Kris Kross, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, Tupac, Nelly, TLC, ect on my music lists. Nothing but 90's music. You name it, I have it. I'm not ashamed to blast it and scream the lyrics out the window to "Ice Ice Baby"

Three random things about you.
1. I have a fear of food touching or touching my food when I eat. Everything must be on separate plates and I have to eat everything with a knife and fork regardless what it is.

2. My first job I ever had was a certified piano teacher by the age of 16 with 4 students I taught in a real studio.

3. I am the shortest one in my family at a height of 5'7". Everyone else is at least 6 foot or taller

If you had to write a book or make movie about you and your life?What would it be called and who would you choose to play you?
It Takes One To Survive staring Renee Zellweger. Because me and her look so much alike. Especially back in my college years, I heard it non-stop from people. And I really loved her Case 39.

Dinner with three people dead or alive. Who and why?
1. Anne Boleyn
2. Mozart
3. Marie Antoinette

The reason would be because each of these people I admire and idol. I am currently obsessed with them as well. I find so many fascinating thing that are completely extraordinary and would love to be able to personally talk to each of them.

What could you NOT live without?
I don't think I could ever live without my iPhone. It is my soulmate {as far as inanimate objects go} Of course, the obvious answer would be my child and husband but everyone I think knows that.

What would you do if you were a person of the opposite sex for a day?
Try to understand why men are such assholes and douchebags

If you could go back in time, what is the one thing you would change?
Hatred. I would get rid of it all together and not have to deal with prejudice or racism anymore

What is the one achievement that makes you the most proud?
Being successful as in having a career I really enjoy, doing what I went to school to do and being able to support my family.

What's your favorite color and why?
My favorite color is pink. It's just who I am. I am girly and that's just exactly what pink is.

What makes you happy?
Feeling loved

What makes you sad?
Feeling betrayed or ashamed

Define the word sexy.
Beautiful, confident, and head strong. Sexy is also piercing eyes and great abs as well. But it's mainly the feeling of knowing you are beautiful or looking at someone feeling that same connection with. Sexy is also feeling loved and hearing.

And now for A Shoegasm!  Oooooh, I haven't bought ONE pair of heels this year. Donchya think its aboot time?

Alexander McQueen black leather peep toe pumps
Kurt Geiger

Brian Atwood

RMK $699 at Zando

Pretty Valentino if you can afford $1395


rebecca said...

This is so cute! Thank you so much;) but now, I'm no longer obsessed with dr pepper. I have to change that. Havent had one in over a month! I've been on a super high health kick. But I love this feature ;0) since its almost 1am and I'm laying in bed, I'll have to brag about this in the morning

G-Man said...

Your guest seems to be obsessed with Headless Bitches!
Yes please, paint your nails Slut Red, Buy some Peep-Toed Pumps, Take a pic, post it on a Friday!
Have a Kick Ass Week-End!

YeamieWaffles said...

Rebecca seems so awesome, I loved her random facts about herself although that one about touching food is a little strange I'm quite quirky too so I understand. Definitely going to have to follow her!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Visiting the theme parks anytime you want must be nice! And I try to be the non-douchebag variety.

Baur said...

Wow expensive high-heels! I like Dr.Pepper but my dad thinks it tastes like cough syrup


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