Saturday, 18 February 2012

Miss and Master Valentine

Kaylin's School held their annual Grade R Miss and Master Valentine Pagent on Valentines Day and I took time off work to go and watch the show. 

It was adorable.

Kaylin had a cute wee pink mini-skirt and puff-sleeved top picked out the night before the pagent and was so excited to wear it.  Now, most of you know, my girls are seriously dedicated Tomboys.  They don't wear skirts or dresses (only for "dress up").  So, this was quite a shock for me that she wanted to wear the only girlie items in her cupboard.

The morning came, and Kaylin got dressed in her adorable Valentine's outfit and about 3 minutes before we're due to get in the car and leave, she said "Mummy, I don't want to wear this".  I knew better to fight with her so I said "Quick, go change".  She put on a pair of old swimming shorts that have a hole in them and a Snoopy T-Shirt and says I'm allergic to school.


I figured if that's what she's comfortable wearing, then I say go for it.  I said "My baby, you don't need a pretty dress to look beautiful".  I told her she's special no matter what she's wearing.  

I arrived and all the kids were super pumped and excited to perform and walk down the make-shift ramp.  They all held wee individual heart-shaped numbers and blew kisses at the audience.

Of course I was bubblin like an idiot.  It was amy wee baby up there.

All the girls came down the ramp in their frilly pink frocks and all the accessories to match.  When Kaylin strutted down the runway in her runty shorts and attitude tee, I was beaming with pride that she felt comfortable enough to be different and for it not to be about what she was wearing.

Kaylin was super confident no matter what she was wearing and her smile lit up my world.

Here are some of the moments.

The make-shift ramp and judges table



Kaylin, my wee lassie,  on the ramp

Miss Valentines and her two Princesses

Master Valentine and his Princes

Kaylin with a friend and Teacher Je-anne

Kaylin winkled her way to the front as usual

Some of the girls and their fancy outfits

All the Winners
My Winner!!!


Not So Simply Single said...

You are one damn good Mama!

middle child said...

And what's the first thing I notice? The girl with the most confident stride. Your amazing daughter.

Melanie said...


And I owe you a picture...gettin' on that this weekend!

Jim Deans said...

Kaylin's looking more like you with every picture. Bwrilliant !
"A picture is worth a thousand words"
Fred R. Barnard

Semi Madman said...

That is so cute. My kids' school is so boring. They just exchange candy. I don't even think they can officially call it Valentine's Day. What a joke!!!

nitebyrd said...

So adorable!

Mynx said...

Your daughter will go far in life with that amazing attitude.
Love that she decided not to be one of the crowd but to be her own person instead

cat said...

Got to love her confidence


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