Wednesday, 25 November 2009


In all my awesome ayobaness, I will be taking an afternoon off work tomorrow to get myself and Megan primped and pampered for her posh Graduation Function at Sha-Mani tomorrow night.

I can't believe my baby is graduating pre-school and going to Grade 1 next year! I'm getting old my lovelies!

Not only is it a dinner dance for the parents and the graduates, the teachers and principal have some really special things planned for the parents attending and for the Graduates themselves (that they are unaware of). Their will be a first dance for Daddy's and their little girls and Mummy's and their little boys.  How cute is that going to be? and some of the students where whipped off to a recording studio last week to record a CD for the function.

Will post pix soon.


JennyMac said...

How cute! Post some pics next week. I remember my preschool graduation..and my Mom has the best photos from it..although I cant imagine how giant cameras were then. LOL.

Marcelle said...

~Why does this time fly by so quickly...I watched my own children go through this stage now its my grandchildren...makes me very sad...

Mike Steelman said...

Sounds exciting - Congratulations to your little one!

cat said...

Congratulations! What a special idea to have a dance.


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