Monday, 30 November 2009

Hatin' on The Boerewors

After moocho hatin’ on my Boerewors (aka Husband) for over doing it with the boys on Saturday night, and funnelling as many alcoholic beverages down his gullet as humanly possible without feating alcohol poisoning, I was in an inveterate huff all day Sunday.

I continued my grumpiness all day on today and dubbed it an overall Blue Stinkin’ Monday.

After a long emotional day at work, bogged down with emails and overdue tasks and having to say farewell to one of my favourite colleagues whose last day it was today, I came home to a cosy candle lit dinner for two. Plates, serviettes, crockery and cutlery all carefully laid out, a glass of wine ready and four huge bunches of flowers. Of course two of the bunches were presented to me by my gorgeous littles girls and the other two by my Boerewors.

I asked him “Whats all this?”

To which he sheepishly replied “To say I’m sorry”.

How can I stay mad?

Saying those two little words “I’m sorry” seems to change everything. I enjoyed my meal, put my flowers in vases and now we move on.

How can you hold a grudge with a man who has gone to so much trouble and has a cute arse?

I'm such a pushover.


Jen said...

That is one nice apology. I'd keep him if I were you.

Winters Reaper said...

hmmm *takes a note out of this page*

you can't

Momza said...

How charming he is! No wonder he has your heart! I've got Scottish blood running thru my veins, and have visited there just a little...Edinburgh, Glasgow, and just south a little town called
Betswycoed, Wales. We happened to be there during the World Dumbain and a little pub there to celebrate the loss to Brazil 2-1--Scots sure know how to Party!
Enjoyed your blog very much. Cheers!

Kathryn said...


You ROCK, see what's important!

He did the right thing...made things better.

And you're the bigger person 'cause you let him off the hook.

That's 'cause you're a Goddess.

Tricia said...

So sweet!

otin said...

A cute arse goes a long way! haha!

KK said...

Aw, I'm so jealous! I'd have forgiven him too!

cat said...

Ag, I'd also be one if he did that. So sweet! But yes, he should apologize.

Marcelle said...

Having someone say they sorry is so powerful, its impossible to continue being upset...

Gillian said...

He's definitely a keeper! Its my 10th anniversary on Friday and I would've hated to still been in the huff with him then.

The Peach Tart said...

He sounds like a keeper.

Shayne said...

What a sweetie.

At leaset he realised he was in the wrong.

Being in a huff is such a bloody waste of time but it does get the point across doesn't it!

lettice said...

Where can I find the same kind of "boerewors"? What kind is he "Grabouw" or "Farmer Style"?

Gillian said...

Farm Style with lots of flava!


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