Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Happy 40th Birthday to Sesame Street

e all grew up knowing and watching Sesame Street.  Jim Henson is legendary for the creation of these furry friends who not only entertained us but educated us on the alphabet and counting.

Sesame Street is a wholesome television variety show for kids is now 40 years old today....(someone older than me) and that makes me shit a rainbow! 

Big Bird and Elmo never really did it for me.

I much prefered The Muppets. 

Now that is a bunch of fly puppets who knew how to have fun, rock it hard and make me laugh.  They all have quite a wicked sense of humour and Miss Piggy is a hardcore.  She'll kick yer ass!  Hiiii Ya!


otin said...

The Muppet Show was classic, and they had some huge guest stars!

blueviolet said...

You know I actually preferred Sesame Street to The Muppets.

Mrsblogalot said...

The Muppets rule yo!

And hello....I'm still waiting for a pig-frog Muppet baby to join the cast.


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