Sunday, 8 November 2009

What is Your Christmas Wish?

Tell me your Christmas Wish

Now I'm not just talking about material things.  I'm talking about ANY wish.

Okay, lets do it this way...

Tell me one material wish and one other don't go all "Miss World" on me and tell me you want World Peace or something totally unattainable.  Tell me something that YOU want.  Something that would make YOU happy.

This a selfish Christmas Wish but remember I'm no genie so I won't be able to grant any of your wishes.  I would just love to hear them all.

Who knows....Santa or someone who could grant your wish may hear or see your comment.

It can be a simple as your like or as whacky as you like.

I just wanna hear from you.

I'll start with mine : 

I'd love a new pair of square-cut diamond earings for myself...and I'd love to be able to afford to buy both my girls a new fancy bike each and a large wooden dolls house with all the accessories.  They'd both be beaming.

So, if I can't have my material things...I'd love an awesome Christmas day filled with family, friends, lots of love and giggles.  I will be at home with my Boerewors and my girls this year (we're not going away on holiday this year) and I can't wait to spend three weeks at home with them.  Lots of quality time together with games and swimming pool fun.

Here's something I don't want...and old flabby Santa flashing his shrivelled bits at me. 
I can do without that vivid visual thank you very much.


otin said...

I wish that all the bloggers that I know could all meet in one place and have a big holiday party!

Gillian said...

Now that would be an awesome party!

Janie said...

more time with Ryan and Dylan.....
a ring from Mick

Shayne said...

You asked!

I'd love the tanzanite ring i posted on my birthday wish list. Love love love.

and to spend Christmas with my WHOLE family and my DH's WHOLE family (brother's sisters parents on both sides) on our farm without my DH's Mother being a bitch and ignoring my family because she thinks she is better than them.

oh, and a shit hot bod to prance about on the beach wouldn't be bad either!


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