Monday, 30 November 2009

My UK Goodies

Some of you will remember that I mentioned a while back that my sister, her boyfriend and little Claire were going to the UK for 10 days for a holiday.

Well, they came to visit yesterday and brought me loads of goodies that I miss from the UK.

I got Terry's Chocolate Oranges, Penguin Biscuits, Jaffa Cakes, Fig Roll Biscuits and Milky Ways.

I don't know how I'm going to get through December on my Slimply Slim without cheating on these goodies.

Any suggestions?


Marcelle said...

Fantastic, u sound like me, I'm always asking people to bring me SA things when they pop over to Germany....
I love going to the British shop in Koln, find lots of things I love that we are used to in SA.

Mike Steelman said...

You could always hide them away and allow yourself only one treat a week!

Winters Reaper said...

oh yeah

send some of those goodies my way..

blueviolet said...

Oh man, those are delicacies!

Mick said...

Have one every other day and do extra exercise to ease the guilt.
If not just say **** it.

AS I ALWAYS SAY TO JANIE I LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE! So if they don't, bugga them (lol)

cat said...

Oh yummy! Forget about slimming over December I say. Re.the Lego - also sold out on line apart from one place that imports - at double the price plus postage!

KK said...

No dieting between Thanksgiving and Christmas (I know you don't have Thanksgiving, but you can play along for this one!).

Shayne said...

Can you see i'm green with envy over that stash of chocolate??? Especially the Chocolate Orange.

Lucky lady you.

Hope you've hidden it far far away.

BTW - my little dorpie has a supplier of SS so i'm starting it tom. Wish me luck!

Gillian said...

Good Luck Shayne!!! Let me know how it goes.


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