Monday, 23 November 2009

Mel and Shaun's House Warming

Congrats to Mel and Shaun who finally took the plunge and moved out of home and into their own wee place. We went over on Saturday afternoon / evening for a braai (aka barbeque) and hung out in front of a huge bon fire.

The fire

A well-oiled Gillian by the fire

KK knockin back a shot (its water)

Best Friends - Mandy and Me

Demonstrating to Megan how to do hand-stands against the wall

Male Bonding

My Boerewors


Primary Work at Home said...

I like the pictures. Great work.

The Peach Tart said...

looks like a fun time

Marcelle said...

Nothing better than owning one's own home!!!
Looks very cold there, you could be in Europe!!

Mo said...

looks like a heck of a night

blueviolet said...

LOL, I can't believe you did a handstand!

lettice said...

You are such a pretty lady!

Gillian said...

Blueviolet> Who else is going to show Megan how to do it?

Lettice> Thank you. You've made me week!


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