Sunday, 28 August 2011

Carry On Carrying On

Last week I bought four Carry On Movies hidden in the Bargain Bin at Game. Well, spotted Daft Scots Lass!  

I couldn't have been happier! Although I couldn't really afford ALL of them, I closed by eyes and hauled out the debit card with overdraft.  I couldn't let this opporchancity pass by.

I adore the Carry On films and I only have to look at Kenneth Williams to burst out laughing.  I love this kind of slap-stick comedy and I watched Carry On Girls that day, while my hubby played football with the girls outside!

Well, almost the entire film with intermittent interruptions from Kaylin asking me for the 532nd time to play "intendo".  Megan joined me when she heard me laughing uncontrollably, to see what was making me cackle like an old whore.  We particularly enjoyed this scene.

I can't wait to watch the rest.


Leah said...

You can't beat a dose of good old farce and slapstick! I love the Carry On films and never tire of watching them. You're a girl after my own heart DSL!

Mike Smith said...

Barbara Windsor to Sid James in the pub: 'Have you got a large one?'

Sid: 'Well, I've had no complaints so far. Har, har, har!'

Bushman said...

It's nice to find something to make you laugh. I still watch the old Airplane movies and laugh my arse off. I love crude, stupid, selfless humour. It tends to come from the heart.
Have fun!

Left Coast Guy said...

...And that's better than a western mud fight! I couldn't help noticing that the small gall didn't have enough real estate to fill her supposedly stolen silver bikini top :-)


BlackLOG said...

Thank you for my Tattoo, still trying to decide what to do with it... I must say I find thinking about the Carry On films rather than watching them (always a bit of a disappointment in reality) much funnier..With you on Kenneth Williams though, comic genius…

Incidentally I will be down your way for a fleeting visit – 4 day safari in “Eastern Cape reserve ” before heading off to Mauritius.

Sausage Fingers said...

Great stuff...This is what filled me with laughter as a bairn in Dundee..

Ryan said...

Ooooh matron

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Ryan Matron was always after Kenneth's Arse!


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