Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday Follower #2 and A Shoegasm

Today's featured Friday Follower is BlackLOG 

Every Friday I feature one of my stellar followers because I dig ye and want y'all to play nicely...  Did I just say, y'all.  Holy Crap, I betta get my shit together...

The birth of the BlackLOG can be traced back to the summer of 1965.  Having survived an early scare, when its own umbilical cord attempted to strangle it at birth (some people feel this was a wasted opportunity to save the English language from years of abuse....)

Nothing much happened for the next 35 years except:

  • Breathing
  • Eating
  • Skiing
  • Lots of listening to music
  • Photography
  • Bad spelling
  • A very short illegal drinking stint (15 to 17.99999)
  • And a general massacre of the English language

Then a few years back, when running a Fantasy Football competition, a review of what was happening in BlackLOG world* started to seep out into the weekly results email. It soon became clear that people preferred the spewed output from a warped mind than an over complicated flight of soccery imagination. Eventually the competition died from lack of interest (I blame the world wide banking collapse for this) and the deranged outpourings were looking for a new home.....

* Not necessarily the same as yours but it has been validated as rational by the insane society, who would not touch it with a bargepole**

** Some would claim that this one act alone proves that the insane society really aren’t…. and they should stop mucking about with all that  putting underwear on their head and talking to trees -  who really wish they wouldn't, after all it saps their energy and stunts their growth***

*** The Insane society not the trees. The trees are just concerned about being seen with a bunch of nutters, since they attract myopic squirrels who failed to store enough provisions for winter....     

An accidental meeting with blogger 2½ years and the rest is a mystery....

As a closing note, I was asked to provide 50 words to cover what the BlackLOG is all about, seriously has A Daft Scots Lass not read the BlackLOG (hang on a second is that why she only ever comments on the first 50 words of the BlackLOG?) with its goal in life to eradicate all things twitter and the evils of short wording people (despite the fact that most people only want to be short worded****) after all The BlackLOG Slogan "Why say a well constructed sentence when a badly written novel will say it much worse".   

(Interject from A Daft Scots Lass - "Someone" should read their emails it was actually 500 words, Plonker!)

**** The BlackLOG has never claimed to be in step with popular opinion and I'm guessing if you have got this far neither have you...

Thanks to a A Daft Scots Lass for giving me some of her space - if she actually did - if you are not able to read this, what can I say but thanks for nothing.....

P.S. The BlackLOG is published once a week and unlike this drivel actually has an editor, Mrs B, who felt that the world was not ready for regular raw version and so sticks it in the oven at 180 for a couple of hours to burn off the worst of the excess….  Sometimes it almost works…  

P.P.S. You may have noted that I never did get to the point of what the BlackLOG is all about, which probably explains a lot more about it  than any words I could use…..  

The pictures (courtesy of Tourettes girl) contain, along with myself, the two most important contributors to the BlackLOG. First Mrs. B for services to grammar and spelling (something which I know or care very little about) and secondly The Beast who takes some wonderful pictures despite my worst endeavors...

Go visit and Spam his blog - leave something for Mrs. B too

Hey! Hey! Its Shoegasm Day! Grab my button and link up, Plonkers!  You know I love me some adorable shoes.  Here's this weeks installment. 

Polka Dot Bow Open-Toe Platforms

Button Down Ankle Stap Flats with Doodling.  Too cute!

Sexy Bubble Print Peep Toe Christian Louboutins

Cupcake Flats with Colouful Elastic Straps

Pretty Pastel Platform Pumps

Bottle Green Vintage Pumps with Embellisments and Buckles

Adorable Pink Ballerina Pumps. Love the foot ink too

You can even go and design your OWN shoes at Milk & Honey
I spent ages there.

Last chance to Caption my Photo Competition

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Jesse said...

Hey there BlackLOG,

congratulations for the unused grammar rules and needless to say style in your writing, even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you; but really, congrats on being featured on A Daft Scots Lass, for her blog and other mediums cover the whole of the world including the US.

Hey there Scots Lass great installation of fashionable shoes, the selection is surreal in fashion circles, and personally, the apple of many men here in the A America....

Can't wait to see more, happy posting! Yes keep it up! I love it!

The Art of Jesse

BlackLOG said...

A big thanks to “A Dippy Alba Girl” for allowing me the space this week – I would however like to correct one thing

Now DAG please take your most treasured cooking book in your right hand and swear on your most favourite recipe (remember It will never be edible again if you lie) that you did not say 50 words in your original email…..

So the choice is yours, honesty or a lifetime of inedible cooking…

BlackLOG said...

Jesse said...
Hey there BlackLOG,

congratulations for the unused grammar rules and needless to say style in your writing, even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you; but really, congrats on being featured on A Daft Scots Lass, for her blog and other mediums cover the whole of the world including the US.

Jess, thanks, “style” is not often a word bandied around the BlackLOG, the normal words used in conjunction with it tend to be unprintable in polite society.

It was indeed very kind and generous of DAG (Dippy Alba Girl) to risk her reputation on promoting such a lost cause (She seems to be a sort of Blogging version of Care in the Community). Hope to see you over at the B
lackLOG sometime, you will be made almost welcome. Feel free to come incognito if you are worried about your reputation, some of my most treasured visitors would not be recognised by their mothers or even traced by the tax office….

Matthew MacNish said...

Hah! Awesome. This guy sounds pretty funny. Skiing rules.

Diego Sousa said...

lol! that was a funny post! :)

Slyde said...

when i first read "Photography" i thought it said "Pornography".

Cheeseboy said...

Blacklog sounds interesting. Definitely going to check it out and read at least more than the first 50 words.

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets said...

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1986 CR Swart Matrieks said...

Oh I need those cupcake flats.


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