Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday Follower #3 and a Shoegasm

Meet the adorable Melanie and here's her story.

When I started blogging it was just the food thing [No Really You Can Eat It]. I was about three months pregnant and couldn't eat meat at all (especially bacon...and I love bacon!) Probably about two months or so after I started the blog my water just shy of 22 weeks. They were cautiously optimistic at the hospital but were quite clear that I would be spending the duration of the pregnancy there. Little did they know how long the duration would be....the next day I started having contractions and ended up delivering my daughter myself. She never took a breath - the infection that had gotten into the placenta traveled all the way up the umbilical cord and she didn't have a chance - upon autopsy she was perfect otherwise. 

Needless to say, after I was released from the hospital, I had some emotions in me. I mentioned it in my food blog a couple of times, then started to feel bad for those that just wanted a recipe, so I started the second blog (So, how am I today?) documenting how I was feeling that particular day. 

Now I have an outlet. And I am glad I started it when I did, because it was like a journal, so now I can look back and when I re-read it I remember exactly how I felt at that time. It still hurts now. Now I am just waiting for my health to improve then we can start trying again - my doctors assure me that it was a fluke thing - but if it isn't meant to happen I am already lucky because I have two awesome kids!

I home school my kids for crying out loud, which can be funny, bitchy…I am pretty good at getting people to smile.  And when you look at me and then get to know me, I am never what you would expect!
I live in Michigan and in the immediate area I guess there are things to do, but if you drive north for a couple of hours you are struck with amazement at how beautiful it is here!  In the entire state you are never more than seven miles from a lake.  That is pretty amazing.  Plus I love to garden, so I can get started on that.
My eyes  are two different colors – one is greener and one is browner

I work in a hospital, and when I started I worked in the emergency room.  The very first New Year’s Eve that I was legal, I had to work.  I was quite bummed, but soon found out that the party came to me.  That night, some random guy was brought in after a bar fight.  His head was swollen to probably three times it’s normal size.  He puked at my feet when he was brought in and missed my shoes by millimeters.  A few hours later he was being discharged and he asked me out.  I politely declined. 

I used to sing and act…in public.  I sang in Carnegie Hall when I was 16.  I did theater all through school and after.  Since having children, they have become my priority (and I don’t think I possess the brain capacity to memorize entire scripts any longer), so now I can be heard singing in my car on my way to work every night.  I put on a hell of a show!

I am not a crazy cat lady – but my husband is…I have eight cats living in my home.  Yep, eight.  Do I clean litter boxes?  HELL NO!  That is for the crazy cat people (husband and daughter) to take care of!

If you had to make movie about you and your life – what would it be called and who would you choose to play you? Ooooooh!  It would probably be called “My Life is a Joke” .  To play me….When “Friends” first came on I got A LOT of Courteney Cox look alike comments, but she a lot older than me…but she still looks pretty good and she can do comedy.  Ok, her.  If we are not going by looks I would pick someone who can act the hell out of anything like Kate Winslet.  Love her!

Who’s your hero? My son.  He has been overcoming obstacles since day one.  He is proud of who he is and is not ashamed of anything…which he shouldn’t be. He had surgery to correct a digestive problem when he was five weeks old.  He had a speech delay and didn’t talk until two years later than “normal”.   He was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome  a few years ago, and kids can be mean.  It just rolls off his back.  For a while his neurologist thought he might have Asperger’s Syndrome too (he’s been tested and does not fall on the autism scale) He thought it was the coolest thing in the world and made a comic book about a super hero with both conditions!  

What could you NOT live without?  Well, I would answer my kids, but I am guessing you mean material items.  And I need lots of them.  Right now, air conditioning, because the humidity is brutal.  Also, I can be quite vain, sooooo, my flattening iron for my hair, and at the very least, mascara, lip gloss and some mineral powder make up.  My phone.  And my stuffed cat that my husband got me after we lost a baby earlier this year (this may sound super creepy, but we had her cremated and I didn’t want to put her ashes in a vase, so I sewed them inside of the stuffed cat.)  I sleep with the cat always.

A Daft Scots Lass

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Melanie said...

Awww...thanks!! I must say, that after some intense internal debate I decided to discontinue the "So, how am I today" blog yesterday (people from work were reading it and taking it out of context, so I just took it off line.) Later today, I will be posting one of my very favorite recipes, per your request. I am not giving anything away right now, but it is totally worth checking out! And I love all the shoes!!! xo

Madeleine said...

Fun post, love those shoes|! :O)

cat said...

I love you FF posts - will visit her soon.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Mel you are most welcome! Sorry you deleted your other blog, there were some good posts on there.

@Madeleine You and me both! *drool* pity most of the online stores in the US don't ship to SA

@cat You always do, Cat- and thanx!

Mo said...

Cool shoes

Stephanie D said...

Wonderful post...and as usual I love the shoes!

Akelamalu said...

Nice getting to know Melanie and I love the shoes!

bruce said...

2 words...

flip flops...

Anonymous said...

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