Saturday, 20 August 2011

And the Winner Is..

A huge thanks to all the entries that made me giggle this week! 

But a big Congratulations to this week's Caption My Freaky Photo Competition #18 Winner is Max Evel.  Here is what he captioned

"Where's all the damn kitty porn ?"

It's a cat damn it . What else would it look for?

Email me on and I'll send you a wee something for being so fucking funny.


Akelamalu said...

Congrats to Max - funny caption. :)

Max Evel said...

What can I say , I have a semi perverted mind .
Plus, I guess adding captions to photoshop pics for years kinda helps as well .
Thanks for the mention Daft Scots Lass. Have a great weekend.

Timothy Bowen said...

LOL. that was a good one!

Brian Miller said...

haha. sorry i missed this one...hope you and your fam have a great saturday...

Anonymous said...

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Left Coast Guy said...

Hmmmm....kitty porn. That reminds me of too many bad jokes about Mrs Slocombe's pussy on "Are You Being Served"....:-)

Hey, Scots Lass, your button is now adorning my site!


Xmas Dolly said...

Congrats to your winner! That pic/caption is too funny! Also, thanks for stopping by, and entering my give-away! I'm very excited about my Gala Give-Away that has FINALLY started. I just wanted to tell you that what you entered is actually two entries, but you have to separate them. Put you follow me in another comment, and you'll be good to go, and good luck baby girl! Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

Mark said...

Yep, he was my pick too.
Congrats Mr. Evel! m.


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