Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I have an appointment this month with a Neurologist for our youngest wee lassie who is 5 years old.

We want to have her properly diagnosed for Asperger’s Syndrome because she is going into Grade R next year and I want to be prepared for the possibility that she may not be able to attend mainstream school. I want a proper diagnosis from a professional who can recommend what next step to take. Whether is Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy…we want to give her the best opportunity at being able to attend a mainstream school without too much stress and pressure on her capabilities.

Kaylin is a smart little girl but she shows no interested in learning how to do things properly. When you try and “teach” her something. For example: Kaylin, this is how your draw a square. Can you try too?”. She will NOT do it. To make her sit in a chair and concentrate on something is virtually impossible – unless SHE wants to do it. Then she will spend hours doing the same thing over and over and over. She loves Jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, writing her name over and over but not taking any guidance from anyone if the letters are written incorrectly. She wants to do is HER way.

I must admit though, as time has gone on, from the time we were first told about Asperger’s and that our Kaylin has most of the symptoms, she has improved over the last year. In fact, some of the symptoms and characteristics have diminished and her behaviour now points more towards ADD or ADHD.

This is a subject to don’t know too much about and how it differs from Asperger’s Syndrome.

I only hope that the Neurologist will be able to identify it promptly. We have waited almost 3 months for this appointment and so much anticipation has been placed upon it. I just want to stay calm so that Kaylin doesn’t arrive feeling stressed and ready to perform. I just want to keep her relaxed and happy.

Any Suggestions?



Melanie said...

Oh sister, I have so been right where you are! What I have done is just take a deep breath and go with may feel like you are catering to her occasionally, but for now I don't see anything wrong with that! My son is going to be eleven soon and he really has gotten much better. He is able to focus on things that he has no interest in now, where as before there was no way that was happening. She is going to be just fine. I promise! And make sure you ask the neurologist lots of questions. Make a list before you go in...don't feel bad about it either - this is their job! And a great book you might want to check out, "Look me in the Eye" by John Elder Robison. He has Asperger's Syndrome and is a highly functioning and successful adult!! If you ever need to chat or vent, you know where to find me! xo

Madeline said...

Will pray for you!

I think it's best to be honest with kids, but to also be light as possible about it.

The Accidental Somebody said...

I don't know anything about Asperger's, so I won't attempt any advice. What I will do however, is send you positive *vibes* and hope that you are able to get some much needed answers. Good luck!!

Timothy Bowen said...

good luck with this, and remember ADD or ADHD are really not a big deal.

cat said...

Oh Gilz, you know we have issues too and I really hope all goes well. I though L had ADD or ADHD too and it turned out to be (just) SID. He has improved hugely - especially in class. Have the OT evaluated her again? Maybe do that too.

Mark said...

Our oldest shows signs of Aspergers and depression but we have never gotten anyone to confirm this. It's been 11 tough years but as Melanie pointed out, it does get better. I think now that Johnny is maturing and watching how his peers act, he wants to fit in and so most of the time(most of the time), he blends right into school. Last year was tough because he was basically kicked out of Catholic school but the public school is proving to be a wonderful source of help. They have more money for more services. If you want, you can read about John here.
Your Friend, m.
Good luck!

Brian Miller said...

i am glad you are getting her diagnosed...there are plenty of things you can do...whether medication to control or lessen the symptoms to therapy to thins you can even do in the should look at diet as well as that will play a factor in many...either way ADHD or Aspergers there are things you can do for sure...

i work with both ADHD and Aspie kids...

Diego Sousa said...

i'll pray for everything running well to your little lass =)

Simply-Mel said...

I have 2 mates with kids who have been diagnosed with Asbergers and with therapies that are doing so well and have been mainstreamed. Staring down this barrel is not fun but you are a tough cookie and will get through it with finesse!

A Beer for the Shower said...

Bryan and I wish you both a successful diagnosis and the very best thoughts for your daughter. Sincerely, best of luck.

Not So Simply Single said...

Darling, get some lavender oil and put it on your pulse points to calm yourself. (your wrist, temple, between your big toe and second toe) Lavender oil is the most relaxing essential oil and is not a drug.

Good luck with your daughter. I will pray for you sweetie!


Stephanie D said...

Thinking happy thoughts for you. Sounds like you are being very pro-active...and definitely a caring parent. Keep us posted!

Screaming Sardine said...

Sending positive vibes your way.

Like cat, my son has SID. As he has gotten older, he is doing much, much better.

Hang in there,
Tracy Screaming Sardine

Copyboy said...

I don't know if this helps, but I do know some one that is slightly on the spectrum and gets along extremely well.

Paige said...

Good luck. Holding thumbs that you get some of the answers you need.

Angel said...

Strongs my friend. I know how daunting these appointments can be.
One suggestion from me, make sure the neurologist knows what he (or she) is doing when it comes to diagnosing and treating either Aspies or ADHDers - just being a neurologist is not enough.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

Okay, my first two children were totally fine, and smart although they did have to work at it hard. My two youngest children was another story. My son was just spoiled! Wanted everyone to do everything for him, and later I found out he was bi-polar. My youngest daughter had an attention deficit disorder, and she was a bit slow, but gradually she worked her way up, and she was main streamed out of those classes & she graduated with everyone else (high-school). No one knows your child like you do. Make sure that doctor not only identifies it promptly, but correctly, and then get a second opinion. Good luck my friend, and I hope you're daughter just grows out of maybe it's just a stubborn stage. hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ami said...

I don't have advice, but can tell you that with my own Aspie, things did improve with occupational therapy, lots of letting her be who she is, and age. At 18, she still has many traits that are, for want of a better word, different.

But she's delightful, intelligent, warm-hearted and loving.

Hope all goes well for your little one. She's a sweetie, I can tell.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Melanie I have read Look Me in the Eye and I say that phrase a lot!

@Madeline I agree

@The Accidential Somebody Thanx for that vibes, thats sweet.

@Mark thanx, I'll give it a read from work today.

@Brian we'll be looking at all the options first before I medicate.

@diego @A Beer for the Shower @StephanieD @Screaming Sardine @Paige thank you so much!

@Simply-Mel thats the thing I need to get her properly diagnosed by professionals in the area first. I've been living with maybes for far too long.

@NSSS lavendar you say? Hmmmm I may just try it.

@Copyboy and who be that?

@Angel The Neurologist is one of the best in the country and I've done a lot of reading up on her. These are areas she specialises in - thats why I choose her. I'm interested to hear her opinion and what therapies she recommends. Then its off to the Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist probably. That will be another diagnosis form them.

@Introducing Mr Cool I will definintely be getting a second opinion! No two doctors are the same and its difficult to diagnose a young child in an hour or so. You know them their whole life and what their behaviourial patterns are. Hence, the second opinion.

@Ami Kaylin indeed is a sweetie and very loving and affectionate.

Lea White said...

The only suggestion I might offer is to look for some other blogs with kids on the spectrum as well. When my daughter was going through her cancer treatment I found such support with others walking the same journey as I was walking.

I have one or two on the bloglist of my first blog -

Crazeebee747 said...

Deep Breathes in and Deep Breathes out is all you can do. Here is to trusting that a way will be found and it will work out. Hug


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