Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alberton Football Club Under 9 Team

Most of today was spent at Bedfordview Country Club watching Megan and her Under 9 Football Team play their wee hearts out in a Tournament.   A good day in the sun, watching 6 games of footie and now I'm knackered.

We are Yellow
We are Blue
We will Whip
The Pants off You.


Those of you who have visited my wee bloggy today, will be glad to know that you will be the first to know that the theme from A to Z Blog Challenge will be *drum roll please*

Mottos Versus Insults

See all your Plonkers tomorrow for the first day of the Challenge!


YeamieWaffles said...

Glad to hear lots of fun was had today, it's so cool your daughter plays soccer for an actual team, I'm envious.

Brian Miller said...

ha i like their chant...great looking team...

Always Home and Uncool said...

So mottos that insult win, right.

Finally fulfilled the meme BTW:

Ryan said...

Looks like the world cup has left a fantastic legacy in SA, good luck to their wee team.

cat said...

Awh, love it! Looks like a great day

Armando Manrique Cerrato said...

It´s amazing to see that life is not so different even fom two places so far away , mine, Spain, and yours. Your blog is very good and original. Congratulations for it and for your lovely family! Greetings!


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