Friday, 9 March 2012

Fuck You Friday and a Shoegasm

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Fuck you Friday hosted by My Mad Mind and Boobies

Here are my Fawk Yous this week.  Go link up and vent.

  • Fuck you to my skin at the moment.   I look like a pimply teenager and I haven't had a hormone zit in yonks.  What's up with that?  Hello Oxy10.  All I can say is thank you Jesus for foundation.
  • Fuck you to the scale that hasn't moved in a week!  I'm getting despondent you insensitive piece of crap.  Just give me some good news soon or Dr Dukan gets it, okay? 
  • Fuck you to the two-faced Fucker who makes my life hell everyday.  The wheel turns you DoocheBiatch.  Watch your back!
  • Fuck you to the coward assbag who stole R50 out of my wallet - at work!  All you had to do was ASK.
Now go and have a kick-arse weekend, Plonkers!   yer faces off!


The Accidental Somebody said...

I'veen so stressed lately - I need a good FUCK YOU session myself. But probably not public! Anyhoo, I'm taking an anthropology class and we're studying Africa...I must say, I am learning to LOVE your amazing continent! Wish I could come visit you some day!

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Photocopy a couple of 50's, leave them where the degenerate can find them - and watch the ports when they try to use it!


cat said...

I am thinking stress for the zits - maybe ow that your big eventis over it will get better

Anonymous said...

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