Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Giving a Fuck So You Don't HaveTo

I recently wrote a letter to Pope Cannon of Foul Mouth Shirts.

I hear you blah fucking blahing on about the Irish and St Patrick’s Day and how fucking awesome the Irish are and what big drinkers they are.  Pfft!  Kiss my hairy Scots arse!
How about some fucking offensive shirts for the Scotsman and woman?  We Scots drink Guinness as cough-medicine and we chug back real alcoholic beverages like double distilled neat Whisky.  The Irish have to fucking water everything down and distil the grain spirit thrice.  What the fuck is up with that shite? 
The Scots may have a reputation of being thrifty, but that’s a shite load better than the tatty-munching, rosary-rattling Paddys, who are only smart enough to believe in green leprechauns and refuse contraception.
Get some Scots t-shirt up and running, FuckKnob!


Mynx said...

I like the fairy one :)

Charis said...

And at least Scots serve decent measured tots! 35ml brilliant!

YeamieWaffles said...

Although I'm Irish too I have to kind of agree with you DSL. I mean the Scottish invented Buckfast, the drink that's considered the hardest, dirties thing to drink over here as well as Glen's Vodka one of the dirtiest, toughest vodka's out there too. A lot of what we do is just imitating you guys, we fail in comparison!

cyn said...

this just might be the BEST blog title ever... bahahaha!

i adore ya!!!

Curmudgeon said...

There's always pog mahon and pog mathuin is scotch gaelic.(I think)

Joshua said...

Those are both awesome. I think I need a drink.

IndigoWrath said...

Never mind the words, get over there and kick his arse!

Curmudgeon said...

Hey, I showed you mine. Show me yours.Come over and put in a Haiku. Everyone is invited.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think you need to tell him how you really feel.

Jim Deans said...

Yer a bit too hard on the Irish, us Celts should stick together. The oldest licensed distillery is Bushmills, and their 21 year old single malt is almost equal to a bottle of Ardbeg.
And you're way out of date with the contraception thing. Condoms have been legal in Ireland since 1978. Have a look at this beautiful page Condoms IrelandTitle
Since the scandal with the priests, Ireland has entered the 21st century and the church has lost it's authority.The Irish are a different breed nowadays. I'm an atheist by the way.
By the way, the Leprechauns do exist. Drink a pint o' Poteen and ye'll see 'em
Up the Jocks, it's the sassenachs ye should be gettin on tae

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@jim you really need to realise that most of my posts are written in jest, my Irish lover. my fav accent just happens to be Irish. The Irish have a wickedly funny sense of humour. Its called insults and sarcasm. dont be hating Jimmy my man

Anna Smith said...

Haha well said. Leprechauns are cute though :P

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