Monday, 5 March 2012

I play violin like I am in jail - behind a few bars and can never find the fucking key.


Happy Monday, Plonkity Plonkers.  This week's Monday Music Moves Me's theme is a FREEBIE.  I give you a few of my old favourites as usual.

I adore this video

Rock on, Jack.

This melody has me in tears every time!

Don't forget to send me your tattoo pictures.


Naila Moon said...

Talking heads and SLy Fox mixed in with! Great picks.
I do like me some '80s music.
~Naila Moon

YeamieWaffles said...

Some of this is really good stuff, especially for a Monday morning... Thanks DSL! :)

Stacy Uncorked said...

I haven't heard the Talking Heads and Sly Fox songs in forever - brought back some awesome memories! ;)

And I had goosebumps listening to the Beethoven one. Thanks for sharing and playing along with us! :)

You're Gonna Fly when you Drink On It because in Reality There's A Place For Us

If I Could Escape said...

I almost played Joshua Radin's version of Only You. Love that song. Great picks. ;)

Copyboy said...

Road to nowhere takes me back...somewhere.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Moonlight Sonata is really pretty. This is the only one, which I recognized. The others are totally new to me. Thanks for linking up & sharing!

Gay Guy said...

Woof. Those are some memories.

royalegacy said...

The Moonlight Sonata is one of my favorites. Thanks so much for sharing!

JamericanSpice said...

Ahh the sonata! I LOVES. I want someone to dance with me while this song plays. It's so beautiful.

Love your list.

Have a great week!

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

My music education continues because unfortunately I've never heard these. Great job though - thanks for sharing.

King of Queenz said...

Oh yeah, finally someone who understands me. Love your choices. New here, so I'm following you. Great choices - stop by if you get a chance.

Matt Harvath said...

Talking Heads and Sly Fox! Those were the days. I think I used the "Let's Go All The Way" song to talk a girl into doing it when I was in High School.


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