Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Football Tournament and a Booze Cruise

We have had an incredibly busy weekend.

Megan played her first Football Tournament of the season and it was held a Florida Albion Football Club in Roodepoort from 8:30am until 2:30 in the afternoon.  It was blazing hot in the summer sun and a VERY long day.  There was lots of cheering from the side of the pitch from the parents and supporters and plenty encouragement from their coach.  

It was an awesome tournament and the Alberton Football Club Under 9 Premier Team, played wonderfully.  For their first time playing as a team, they really did well and got thruogh to the semi-finals.  The semi-finals unfortunately proved too tough for them and they were so disappointed.  We tried so hard to lift their wee broken spirits but only them being presenting with their medals put the smiles back on their faces.

Megan and Anthony - Goalie

Megan in play as defendor

Alberton Football Club Under 9 Football Team 

After the Football Tournament, we arranged for the girls to sleep  over at my Sister in Law's house while we went to a colleague's 50th birthday party on a Booze Cruise down the Vaal River. 

What a party.  It was a Phantom of the Opera theme and we all got pretty masks and capes on arrival.  R and I had such a ball.  We completel let our hair down and danced all night.  It was awesome.

The Booze Cruise Boat

Sunet on The Vaal River

Sunset on The Vaal River

Caped and Masked

On the Cruize

Copper Topped Phantom

Irma, Diane (the birthday girl) and Ronel

The Dancing Commenced

And the Silliness Followed

Some of the Masked party-goers

The Decor

Speeches in full swing


YeamieWaffles said...

That booze cruise seems like one of the most fun ways to spend a Saturday night ever, I love you and your husbands outfits too, you both look awesome together!

Sorry to hear your daughter's team got knocked out at the semi finals but at the same time reaching the semi finals in anything is an awesome achievement, Megan should be proud of herself! It's always natural to want to do better though and be disappointed when you don't. I remember when I was a kid missing a penalty in the final of a tournament that seen us knocked out and it destroyed me!

Jeremy Bates said...

congratulations on the football teams. my eldest also played football their opponent was tough too but very challenging. thanks for sharing your blog.

Brian Miller said...

nice...great shots of the little and her much fun...

and def a fun party as well!

Mo said...

looks like fun

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Everything looks so warm and drenched with sunlight where you live. I can't wait for that warm weather to grace my side of the globe.

cyn said...

woohoo look at you -- or what is left of ya!
skinny minnie & oh-so-HAWT!!!!

shake it mama!!!


Jim Deans said...

I hope you give Megan the option of playing for Scotland if she gets good as I suspect she will.

The only problem with booze cruising is the smell of carrots in the morning.


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