Thursday, 29 March 2012

21 Signs You're in Lurve

Take a squizz at how blatantly obvious being "in love" can be

1. You find yourself sending a blank message by "accident" to start up a conversation.  Any excuse will do.

2. Although you're in a huge hurry to get to work, you walk really slowly when you're with them.

3. Your iPod is filled with Justin Bieber (aka their favourite singer).

4. You might be guilty of reading texts from them over and over again.

5. You add an extra smear of lipgloss at the end of the day because you know you'll see him in gym class.  You check out your hair in the mirror every five minutes just in case he pops in for a visit or bump into him at the shops.

6. You double take anyone who wears their cologne or perfume.

7. You agnoise over how long it should take before you reply to their Facebook messages.

9. You feel like they just "get" you.

10.  They're on your mind while you're reading this.  In fact you were so busy thinking about your lurve that you didn't realise No. 8 is missing.

11.  Suddenly you can relate every lyric of every love song to how you feel.

12.  When you're on the phone and it's time to hang up you think of something else to say just so you can talk a minute or two long.  You hang up, no,  you hang up!

13.  They're ALL you think about.

14.  You make a special effort to make sure their friends love you - not like, love.

15.  Your conversation with your pals revolves entirely around them. 

16.  You catch them staring at you.

17.  You just don't care about other guys or girls anymore, just him or her. Awwww

18.  You laugh at all their daft jokes - even though half of them are as funny as watching Wimbledon.  Oh the fucking hilarity!

19.  You strategically position yourself between him or her and any girl or boy who talks to them.

20.  You can't wipe the huge stoopid grin off yer face when you see a text from them.

21.  You check their Facebook page about 12 times a day - maybe 13.

So is it lurve with you?


Wreckless Euroafrican said...

Married for 23 years - I don't recognize any of the symptoms......

YeamieWaffles said...

I won't lie Lass that I hate how I can relate to about 75% of these signs and hate myself even more when I find myself smiling while reading them and thinking about that chick these triggers means I'm in "lurve," with. I wish love didn't have to be so cringey, I really could do without being in love right now!

Mynx said...

I am now worried I am in love with half my email pen pals.

Being in love for me after 20 years is buying the type of chocolate biscuits he likes and putting up with his snoring

Anna Smith said...

Oh no I recognise some of these, that can't be good! :)

Copyboy said...

Yeah, I'm worried about my results as well. haha

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Even after all of this time I can still relate to a few of those.
And I'm so unobservant I didn't notice #8 was missing.

Anonymous said...

I know you luurrrvv you some good music.. may I suggest that you check out The Black Keys - El Camino Lonely boy.... Think you will likey. :)

bailey j said...

i love that i can relate to so many of these and i know he can too ahah. it makes me feel good. ahhh, young love!

G-Man said...

Gym Class...?

Jillie Bean...Very Very HOT!!

Mark said...

Wait! Are you 16? I don't get this list.

Nolens Volens said...

How about doing things for her without getting slapped with a restraining order? ;)


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