Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brilliant Blog Awards

Recently, I humbly received a couple of Brilliant Award from some kick-arse Bloggers!  I'm so flattered and I thank you very much, Plonkers!

Blog on Fire Award from ma gorgeous Knocked-Up-Hooker, Destiny, over at  ★ Rockin' Mama ★

The Overlord Award from Stupid Stuff I See and Hear

Well, I have received the Overlord Award before so you can bow and worship my awesomeness and read HERE what I previously enjoyed when I was Overlord for a Day.  Oh You Know how I love to crack the whip!

Generally, Blog on Fire Award means you have to blog 5 things about yourself others might not know and then bequeath these awards to other Bloggers who deserve them.  

  1. I love anything with a Vanilla fragrance or flavour.  It makes me think of Teasers Strippers.
  2. Its been 8 months since I stop sucking nicotine sticks.
  3. If I won the lottery I'd go for a tummy tuck, liposuction and botox. I'm pro plastic surgery and wouldn't think twice about it.
  4. I want a HUGE party for my 40th next year and want so many presents that I get sick of opening them all!!! (are you taking notes?)  I may even get a tattoo just to celebrate the event.
  5. I so fucking excited that Big Bang Theory starts this month again!  My children think I'm completely nutz.
Here's blogs that I follow and are on fire.  Go Stalk and Follow my Plonkers!

Joshua at Vive le Nerd 

Jim at The Glebe Blog

Akelamalu from Everything and Nothing 


Brian Miller said...

congrats on the 8 months...that is awesome! hope you get your party

Not So Simply Single said...

I think YOU are one HOT HOOKER!

Where do you put that Vanilla fragrance that you like so much? Hm...just saying!

Celebrate 40 BIG ! You are still a baby!

Congrats on 8 months no ciggs.... I hope you found something else fabulous to suck instead!

Loving you from Maui!


Akelamalu said...

Congrats on the award and giving up smoking. Thankyou for passing the award on to me :)

Mark Himes said...

Your blog is on fire! Congrats!

Pearl said...

Have given up smoking myself -- almost six months now!



David Barber said...

Congrats, Gillian. Congrats on knocking the cancer sticks on the head, good luck winning the lottery (if I win before you I'll pay for your surgery) and have a great 40th!!!!

Silverfaerie said...

Congrats on winning not just one, but TWO awards! You totally deserve them.

Vanilla = awesomeness

8 months? I bow to you. I've been a smoker for more yrs than I want to admit and try to quit all the time, to no avail. Any tips that worked for you I might try?

You should totally have a huge party next year! But why just for your 40th? Do it every year!

Thx so so much for passing the award on to me :) I feel all kinds of official now. You're awesomeness!

1986 CR Swart Matrieks said...

I have actually been in the plastic surgeon's office for the tummy tuck - but alas, time and money needed. I am not sorry one bit we spent the fortune on the Princess' ears.


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