Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Water Park, Coke on a Rope and a Playboy Penthouse Party

A brilliant day out at the water park. 
The weather was perfect; not a cloud in the sky, the sun blazing down kissing our skin.  It was a flawless summer’s day and a large group of my friend and I were happily bobbing down the lazy bendy water slide in over-sized hot pink tubes and having a blast.  We were giggling and high fiving each other for bringing our “Coke on a Rope” with us.  

“Coke on a Rope” is a two liter Coke bottle filled with brandy and coca-cola tied to our tubes and dangling in the water to keep it cold.  Occasionally, we passed the bottle around to every one for a swift swig, which kept our spirits high and the buzz constant.

Our laughter was getting louder and louder as the booze bubbled in our bellies and we started to attract a little attention from the other Water Slides Natives.  It wasn’t priority to invite more jovials to join our group because that meant less "Coke on a Rope" for us. 

Nevertheless these natives were celebrities!  Popular celebrities!
Guess who was there?

Paris and Nicky Hilton! 

I shite you not.

Paris in her teeny weeny gold string bikini and Nicky in her retro swimsuit both wearing Gucci over-sized Sunnies and wide smiles. 
They were curiously asking us all sorts of questions about why we were making so much racket, what we were laughing at but the Hilton Sisters were mostly interested in our "Coke on a Rope" and what concoction was hiding inside. 

When we told the pair of them about the huge amounts of never-ending brandy that was in our bottle, they were sold on joining our group for the afternoon festivities.  

We had a great time going on the water slides and in the wave pool.  Our never-ending bottle of booze kept us all going and in the party mood.  

When it was eventually time to leave the water park, we all didn’t want the party to end so Paris and Nicky suggested we head on over to their place.  “Why don’t you join us at the Playboy Penthouse?  We have the place to ourselves for the evening!”.

Fuck Yeah!  Of course we were in.  Brilliant!

We all piled in a mini-bus and more merriment was enjoyed en-route to the Playboy Penthouse with Paris and Nicky.  When we got out it was like something out of the films.  It was open bar, snack platters everywhere, topless waiters and waitresses, everyone prancing around in their bikinis (we all had skinny hot bodies and fake golden tans).  We even have a personal  live DJ throwing out loud pumping music and a massive heated pool with bubbles.  We were in heaven!
Next thing I saw the barmen carrying in crates of Caramel Vodka.  Dozens of shots were laid out for us to enjoy.  We couldn’t get enough.  What a wild party we had!

Paris eventually came over and said “Nicky and I have to go, we have a club opening to attend but you guys stay and enjoy the party”.

Of course we did.  You don’t have to tell us twice!

It was the best party ever!  I even caught one of my friends snogging a  woman and was so shocked that she was having some girl-on-girl action!  I was mortified to know that her son was watching her make out with a girl, though! 


…guess who sauntered into the party in his maroon smoking jacket, silk  cravat and smoking a giant pipe?   Hugh Hefner!

Yeah! He was pretty much in the background though.  No one spoke to him, we just all knew who he was but he was almost unapproachable.  He just walked around polluting the air with his stinky pipe and ordered the staff to keep the bar well-stocked and clean.

The best party of my life!

When I woke up this morning I was beaming from ear to ear.  What a saucy adventure!  I closed my eyes to remember all the details so that I wouldn’t forget anything because I knew I was gonna blog about it.

I love my dream adventures!


The Frog Queen said...

Brilliant blog post....absolutely made me spit earl gray tea all over my monitor! I knew there was a reason I loved your blog!!!

You are the best!


Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! ;D

Divemaster GranDad said...

Sorry....but any dream with PH in it is not a dream, it's a nightmare... :-)

Great story though...10/10...

Akelamalu said...

What a great dream! I love the idea of 'Coke on a Rope'! LOL

One Stiletto At A Time said...

Sounds like you have very entertaining dreams! Have you ever had an animated dream? They very freaky

Melanie said...

you had me at the caramel vodka...

Joshua said...

That's a great dream. I hope I can reproduce it tonight. But that bottle on a rope does remind me of the summer The Wife and I met. Which will be tomorrow's post, methinks.

blueviolet said...

Wow, that was a crazy good dream!

Copyboy said...

Wow! You dream about corny american celebs? Nice!

Mark Himes said...

Lucky you with the dreams! I dreamt that I went to borrow milk from my neighbor but she wasn't home. How sad is that?

Xmas Dolly said...

You got to be kiddin' me! I read that whole thing & I thought how exciting, how wonderful for you!!! Then at the very end what do I see? The punchline! It was a freakin' dream!!! ooooooooooooooo I could just buuuwahhhhhhhhh LMFAO!!! WHAT A GREAT DREAM! HEY, WAS I THERE TOO???

G-Man said...

Did Paris hit on you?

The Glebe Blog said...

I was at the party!

Did you spot the tall athletic looking bronzed male stripper..................................................................
well my job was to catch his leopardskin at the full monty stage

My Inner Chick said...

--Your Dreams Rock :)) Did Heff ask you to be one of his girlfriends? x

Lesley said...

You are know that right? Hilarious and brilliant...but totally bat shit nuts.


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