Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Brain Fart, Wee Penny and a Conversation with a 6 year old

Yesterday, I thought I was having a  fucking stroke. 

No, seriously.  I literally felt very odd indeed. 

 I  had the strangest symptoms and I still can’t explain the full extent of what I was going through. 

About an hour after getting back from gym, my vision started blurring in the middle and then it was like tunnel vision – it was the weirdest thing -  whenever I looked directly at something, it  seemed to disappear.  I couldn’t see the words on my computer screen.  That lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes.  After that, my fingers and hands started to go numb and whatever I touched with my hands went numb.  Strange.  I then got pins and needles in my hands. 

After that, I tried so hard to read the words on my computer screen.  My brain told me that I knew the words but I couldn’t for the life of me makes sense of just ONE word let alone a sentence.  I knew that I  should be able to make sense of the symbols on the page.  I tried to spell a few words out loud and couldn't do it.  I couldn't understand it and so I couldn't say it.  I was a little freaked out by this.  I just figured I was tired perhaps just was loosing my focus.  I tried to blink, refocus and start again. Same thing.  This lasted for what seems about 15 minutes.  I'm not sure how long it was in actual time though.  I was so disoriented.

I just couldn’t concentrate hard enough to make sense of the words or say them out loud.  I couldn’t pronounce anything and my speech was slurred and I was having trouble expressing myself in words.

I just stayed in my office for most of the afternoon.  I was NOT myself.  The more I tried to read words and make sense of it the more frustrated I got.  I had a slight headache when I told my hubby that night who said I still wasn't myself all night.  I prayed before I went to bed.  I prayed that if I had another stroke in my sleep, that God needed to help R with the girls in the morning.
This is not the first time this has happened to me either.  I just didn’t talk about it before because, well, how do you go to the doctor and tell him these crazy symptoms??  How do you tell anyone?  I figured I better tell my husband in case I died in my sleep from a frikken aneurism or something.
What does it sound like to you, Plonkers?

and now that you Plonkers have had some drama for the day, let me introduce our new wee pup.

Meet Penny our wee Jack Russell


Megan and Penny

Here's a conversations that I had with Kaylin (my 6 year old) the night before last.

KK: Mum, do The Police put you in jail for saying ugly words?
Me: No Kaylin.  You have to do a serious offence to be put in jail.
KK: They put the handcuffs on and close the bars, hey?
Me:  Yes.
KK:  Do you stay there forever?
Me:  It depends on what you’ve done.
KK thinking:  You just have to be nice to The Police and they’ll let you out, hey?
Me:  Its not quite that easy, my sweetie. What do you mean be nice to them?
KK:  Well, you can just give them a big squeezy hug and kiss and tell them you’re very sorry and they’ll let you out.
Me:  No, it doesn’t work like that. *explains*  What do you think you get to eat in jail?
KK: Spiders and vegetables and Germs!
Me: That sounds awful!
KK:  Yes and you only get to see your family if you’re really quiet and good.
Me:  How does that work?
KK: The girls make a line and the boys don’t get to see their family because they always make a noise.
Me:  What else happens in jail?
KK:  Well, there is only one bath so you have to line up and take turns.
Me:  Gee, do you think you have to wait long?
KK: No, The Police make sure you don’t play with toys in the bath.
Me trying not to giggle, and then?
KK: The boys have to wear handcuffs but The Police come with your toothbrush and toothpaste and take it off before they have to go bath and brush your teeth.
Me: WOW they’re strict!
KK: After the bath, you get to watch a little TV before you have to go to bed., if you’re good.
Me:  Really? 
KK:  You don’t get to see flowers or trees in jail because it’s just bars and your bed.
Me:   That’s such a shame.
KK:  The boys get Ben 10 on their walls and the girls get Barbie.
Me:  Nice..
KK:  No!
Me: Why?
KK: Because you don’t get to see your family everyday and you don’t get a Key!



Nat said...

Please get yersel to the doc pronto and get checked out! No messing about when it comes to health matters!

Penny is adorable and Kaylin is wise beyond her years :-)

Leah said...

DSL, get to the bloody doctors woman! You shouldn't delay this kind of stuff.

I went to mine recently with symptoms similar to yours (but not lasting anywhere near as long) and he's arranged for an MRI scan today.

Stangely it could be something simple like an infection in your middle ear. But you can't afford to delay sweetie. Action. NOW!

Leah said...

Oh and I forgot to say Penny is just so sweet, I want to come over and have puppy licks :-)

You sure Kaylin hasn't been on this earth before???

YeamieWaffles said...

That conversation with your daughter made me laugh so much Lass, I love how she thought if she gave him a big hug and apologised they'd let her out no matter what, she's picking up fast!

On a serious note I reckon you should follow Nat's advice and go to a doctor about how weird you were feeling as a just in case kind of thing. Penny is incredibly cute by the way.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Pretty sure that if it was a stroke you wouldn't remember in such detail... I know I didn't.

I have had cluster headaches/migraines since and they were very similar to what you mentioned. I found the room to be extremely bright beforehand...

Go to the doctor, if it is a stroke it is too late and nothing will show/or can be done. But if it is more, you will know.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Pretty sure that if it was a stroke you wouldn't remember in such detail... I know I didn't.

I have had cluster headaches/migraines since and they were very similar to what you mentioned. I found the room to be extremely bright beforehand...

Go to the doctor, if it is a stroke it is too late and nothing will show/or can be done. But if it is more, you will know.

Melanie said...

You seriously need to get to the doctor as soon as possible. Those symptoms you were having were reason enough to visit the emergency room. Believe me. I work in a hospital. It could be nothing but stress, but it could also be something serious. So please, take care of this STAT!!

CUTE new pup and CUTE convo!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

New puppy is adorable.
Yes, go see a doctor! No idea what all those symptoms mean - could be all random or sign of something bigger. But find out and catch the problem now, Lass. Please.

Joshua said...

Get the doctor!

Is that Penny as in from LOST, or as in Pennywise the Clown from IT?

Gossip_Grl said...

I agree with others and get a check up. Could just be a little trouble with b/p and nothing serious. The new pup is adorable. I loved the conversation. Kids can say some of the darndest things can't they?

Matt Conlon said...

Migraine. I get all those symptoms as well, to a T. I used to get them several times a week as a kid, but now usually only a few times a year, mostly in July. Seems to have to do with Barometric pressure. Other triggers of mine seem to be Tuna fish, and processed meats like pepperoni.

That conversation was priceless. I love kids.

Matt Conlon said...

Take a look at this video:

Chiz said...

I suggest a trip to the doctor. Maybe they'll have an explanation for all these symptoms because they seem quite serious. Unless it was just extreme dehydration or something (I just completely made that up, I have no idea what I'm talking about).

Anyway, cute puppy, and that dialogue is utterly hilarious!

Christine Macdonald said...

I've had the exact same thing. Mine is an occular migraine. The headaches are slight, but the nerve being pressed on the eye is what freaks me out! Google Occular Migraine and see your doc.

Mine usually come when I am close to my cycle - or have a lot of sugar.

ADORABLE new family member!!!


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Eep. That sounds very scary. I hope you get to feeling much better and that it never happens again.

Curmudgeon said...

This is true. Honest. For reals. No shit. I looked up curmudgeon motifake on google and saw your pic.

Mark said...

Man, what's the number for that bald tattooed ambulance worker in that video?
p.s. yeah, you had a mini-stroke.

Althea said...

Penny is the cutest thing ever!! x

Not So Simply Single said...

Go to the doctors, NOW!

Do not wait. It is not a good thing to have blurry vision.

Did you eat? Was it low blood sugar?

Seriously Ginger, go to a doctor.

Your new puppy is ADORABLE!

love you!

J.Day said...

I'm with the others and find a doctor.

That video made me laugh so hard - such awesome ridulousness.

And what a cute puppy! Jack Russell's are typically quite hyper - have fun!

Lovely Light said...

I have no idea of what it could be, but I really hope you can find some treatment for it! Doctor asap! New puppy! I had an old Jack Russel and I miss him deeply.

middle child said...

Possibly T.I.A.s. Small strokes. You can't leave these untreated as they could lead to a major stroke. And ANYTIME you go to your doctor you must tell him/her EVERYTHING. Sometimes it's what you don't say that would be the puzzle piece the doc. needs.
You notice I am not mentioning the itty dog what-so-ever. It's because I am filled with rage. I want a puppy so bad. I am jealous to the nth degree.

JaneF said...

That a migraine you had Gill! Funny I had one (my first in a year)last week-end and I just blogged about it today. First chance I have had to catch up on your blog just now...

I get those exact same symptoms. The losing words you know thing is my freakiest symptoms. I once forgot my children's names! Looks up hemiplegic megrains and aura migrains and basal migraines for more info. They are awful!!!

I hope you don't get any more. But much as they are very similar to strokes they are not dangerous like strokes are, it's just the similar sacry symptoms.

JaneF said...

Knock knock Penny?
Knock knock Penny?
Knock knock Penny?



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