Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N is for Numpty


Pronounced : num-p-tee

Definition : n. idiot or fool. Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

Usage : That fekkin' numpty's driving with nae lights on and couldnae organise a pissup in a brewery.

Translation :  Men are good for 70 things, fixing things and 69.

Origin : The origins of numpty are unclear. It may be an altered form of the word "numps", which dates back to the sixteenth century and also means "an idiot", but this is found mainly in English sources.

The dazzling wee place in Scotland beginning with the letter N is Newport-on-Tay.  Newport-on-Tay is a small town in the north east of Fife in Scotland, acting as a commuter suburb for Dundee. The Fife Coastal Path passes through Newport.

Gemma Muse sings Numpty


Samantha Jones said...

Whomever designed our tax forms is a "fekkin' numpty" I so enjoy learning these new words:)

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I like the word numpty, it's very expressive but doesn't make people want to hit you with a stapler, which so often happens when I call them F@$King idiots.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I work with more than one numpty.
Really nice church!

Sam said...

I can definitely find use for this word! Fun post hun!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Numpty is a fun word!

Mary Kirkland said...

I enjoyed this post.

Dark Thoughts Blog

YeamieWaffles said...

Haha this is hilarious Lass, Numpty is one heck of a funny word, my mum always uses it as something on me when I do anything stupid haha, I love this.

Jai said...

Great post. Wonderful word and that building is beautiful.

Paula said...

I have a couple of numpty brothers!

Nagzilla said...

My first thought was Humpty Numpty, which would totally work because who falls off a wall? Who sits on a wall if you're an egg? A numpty, that's who.

The Glebe Blog said...

Since you've mentioned 69, when you get to the letter 'S' you cannot now use 'soixante-neuf' otherwise we have the right to call you a Numpty for repetition

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Samantha Tax? That's a swear-word around here

@Kelley Fucking Idiots is so much more expressive though.

@Alex I work with a few of them too.

@Sam @Mary @Jai thanx for visiting

@Matthew you're such a sweetie.

@Paula how many?

@L.Diane Wolfe its a great word!

@Nagzilla Humpty Dumpty Numpty, right?

@Jim right ye are!

Maggie Winter said...

From the UK numpty is a favourite along with muppet. Your translations are funny:)


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