Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Don't HATE, Roller skate!

We're heading down the final stretch of the A to Z Blog Challenge.  It's be a rockin' ride...I've visited over 70 blogs already and found a handful that I'm newly following.  Keep going, don't give up, we're almost there.  Enjoy...

When we emigrated to South Africa from Scotland back in the early eighties, I had my very first birthday party. It was my tenth birthday and I got to invite all my friends from my new school, eat truck loads of sugar and have a few friends sleep over.  It was brilliant!  A dream come true.  

I got a pair of roller-skates and a puppy!  I'd always wanted a puppy and wee Skipper was the cutest thing ever. 

My roller-skates became an addendum to my body for about two years after my tenth birthday.   I lived in, or is it on, my roller skates.

I would put them on the minute I got home from school and not take them off until bed time.  I wore out my wheels and front stopper more times than I can remember, and I think I actually slept with them in my bed that first night I got them.

Today's vintage music is Robert Palmer.  Every teenage boy watched the music video over and over to watch the hotties pretend to play guitar and shake their arses all over the place.



Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible by Dan_of_the_Land


Fee said...

Ohh I loved my roller skates! I used to go to the local sports centre on a Wednesday night for their skating night :D

Nagzilla said...

You know what you need to do? Roller derby. Just sayin.


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