Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Zebedee and Zep

Well, Plonkers it's the very last day of the A to Z Blog Challenge for 2015 and I've done it.  Without any prep, without too much scheduling, I finished.  Shoo! 

It's been an incredibly busy month with daily posts, Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming, 4 times a week training at the gym, 8 publication deadlines at work, a long awaited pregnancy announcement (not mine), 5km runs every Sunday, a brilliant holiday to my folks down at the coast, a trip to the vet with my viciously grumpy Jack Russell, 4 sessions of healthy meal prep, date night with the Boerewors that was cut short, a horrific experience at the dentist, a long awaited engagement, toothache for an entire week, hiding my entire body in a old army trunk,  a special dinner with a friend who I hadn't seen in 3 months and was missing terribly, an infection in my jaw and a One Direction concert with my youngest.

So, I'm in much need of a wee bit of "time out".  I plan to stay in my PJs this long weekend, watch ridiculous amounts of crappy TV (and some good shit too).  Bring on Outlander, perhaps a peppering of BlackList and a spoonful of Greys Anatomy and Elementary.  A bowl of popcorn the size of my head and a soda that would drown a small child.

Yes...that's what I will do.

Back to the Letter Z

I love the old stop animation cartoons of the 70s, you don't quite get anything like them anymore.  All the cartoons these days are full of monsters, zombies and super heros with names I don't understand.  These days anything with a cape and who has super powers is Buck.  What happened to good, old fashioned moral- teaching toonz? 

The Magic Roundabout was a favourite of mine when I was in my single digits, and I remember running home from school at lunch time to watch it on telly.  Glue to the box for half an hour, while crisping up my snow-sodden mittens on the kitchen radiator, and eating a bowl of my mum's hot tatty and vegetable soup.  Then sprinting back to school in record time for the lunch bell to reminder us about afternoon classes.

Zebedee was my favourite.  I think it would because he has the least human or animal-like characteristics.  He had a large spring for her legs and wore a particularly dashing Mexican moustache and bright bow-tie.  Who could fault his style?

Dougal and Pollux had swag, but was Zebedee who always made a flamboyant entrance with his loud "Boing!" sound and  predictably said at the end of every episode, "Time For Bed and there's been enough magic for one day".

I'm kinda cheating today for my musical finalé portion of the post.

It's a band that doesn't quite start with the letter Z, but fekkit, I'm a rule breaker and I'm gonna play some Zep - Led Zeppelin.  Guitar Solo please, Mr Jimmy Page.



Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Led Zeppelin is close enough to Z. Congrats on making it through the challenge. Hope you put up your reflections post on Monday.
I got tired halfway through reading all the stuff you accomplished in April. Wow!

Jo said...

I loved the Magic Roundabout too Lass. I even named one of my dogs Zebedee. We used to get it early evening. Great show. Florence was such a dear too.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I never saw that cartoon.
Last day of Challenge - and then I am taking all day Friday OFF!

storytellermary said...

Huzzah! We’ve made it almost to Z! I hope you had fun, read interesting things, and had lots of visitors!
There will be an A to Z Reflections round on May 4th with a Linky posted on the main blog
You may post your reflections on the challenge, visit others, and catch up on the blogs you didn't have time to read.

Jolie du Pre said...

I'm glad you enjoyed A to Z! Congrats on completing it!

Precious Monsters

Jeremy Hawkins said...

PJ's and a movie marathon... I am in... lots of pizza and root beer!

"Z" we made it... thank you!
Jeremy [Retro]
AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

There's no earthly way of knowing.
Which direction we are going!

Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

Jeff Bushman said...

Led Zeppelin was my favorite band during high school. I still like them.

Congrats on finishing the challenge and yes you must be tired. Popcorn for all!

2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

Dixie@dcrelief said...

This is a funny post! i never saw Magic Roundabout, but Zeppelin gets a big applause!! I'll be back to read more, this coming week.

AimeeKay said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge! Loved reading all your posts!


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