Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vinyl Junkie

We all had Vinyl records growing up.  The old, think 78s were not during my time, but the dinky 45" singles and the 33 were still very much the trend during the 80s. 

We religiously wiped them with our valour fabric squares that we kept in a plastic zippy.  We'd gently settle the needle on the very edge of the record, being incredibly careful not to scratch or bounce the needle.

Then cassette tapes came along and we used our pencil to rewind our tapes when they got stuck in our Walkman, then in popped the CD and vinyl made a trendy come back this decade.

Everyone now regrets using their old vinyl records as décor at the family sixties parties, or used them as frisbies to entertain their pooch.  These days they are pretty valuable, especially the old rare printings of some vinyl records. Don't you just love how as time ticks by the trends come and go and come around again...

Pity I didn't hold on to all my dad's Decca 45s of the early Rolling Stones stuff. 

Happy Shopping at a modern day Vinyl Shop, Record Mad

Today's music feature is Van Halen


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I still have all of my vinyl records and they are all still in their sleeves. Once in awhile I still play them.
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

We still have some of ours. We did chuck quite a few though. The used record store near us is very picky and takes the strangest things. So it wasn't worth the hassle of sorting and lugging.


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